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OTC #1 Class/Uses

What are the uses for each Drug Class?

ANALGESIC To reduce pain and fever
NSAID Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory used to reduce pain and inflammation
LOCAL ANESTHETIC Topical numbing pain relief
ANTACID Settles upset stomach, reduces gas and relieve heartburn
ANTIFUNGAL Treats fungal infections
LAXATIVE To relieve constipation & soften stool
ANTIEMETIC To prevent vomiting & nausea
Corticosteroid Anti-inflammatory and immunosupressant
Expectorant Promotes secretion of mucous (phlegm) from respiratory tract
ANTITUSSIVE Used to relieve/prevent coughing
PROTON PUMP INHIBITOR (PPI) Pronounced and long-lasting reduction of stomach acid, acid reflux
H2 Blocker Meds that inhibit secretion of gastric acid, stimulated by histamine, pentagastrin, food and insulin & basal secretion. Used to treat ulcers
H1 Blocker Meds that block action of histamine at H1 receptor, to relieve allergies
Laxative Taken daily as a stool softener, stimulates intestines to absorb excess water
What 2 laws were established as a result of the 2005 Combat Methamphetamine Epidemic Act (CMEA)? OTC stimulants (used to make crystal meth) must be purchased from the pharmacy. Only 3.6g may be bought per day & no more than a total of 9g per month.
Created by: roschachm