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Antibiotic Classes

Antibacterial Medications and Pharmacological Class

Pfizerpen - Penicillin G Potassium Natural Penicillin (G)
Penicillin G Sodium Natural Penicillin (no brand)
Veetids, PenVK - Penicillin V Potassium Natural Penicillin (K)
Bicillin L-A - Penicillin G Benzathine Long Acting Natural Penicillin (L-A)
Penicillin G Procaine Long Acting Natural Penicillin (no brand)
Bicillin C-R - Penicillin G Benzathine/Penicillin G Procaine Long Acting Natural Penicillin (C-R)
Nafcillin Antistaphylococcal Penicillin
Oxacillin Antistaphylococcal Penicillin
Dynapen - Dicloxacillin Antistaphylococcal Penicillin
Ampicillin Aminopenicillin
Amoxicillin Aminopenicillin
Augmentin - Amoxicillin/Clavulanic acid Aminopenicillin/Beta-Lactamase Inhibitor
Unasyn - Ampicillin/Sulbactam Aminopenicillin/Beta-Lactamase Inhibitor
Zosyn - Piperacillin/Tazobactam Antipseudomonal Penicillin/Beta-Lactamase Inhibitor
Ancef, Kefzol - Cefazolin 1st Gen Cephalosporin
Keflex - Cephalexin 1st Gen Cephalosporin
Duricef - Cefadroxil 1st Gen Cephalosporin
Mefoxin - Cefoxitin 2nd Gen Cephalosporin
Zinacef - Cefuroxime 2nd Gen Cephalosporin
Ceftin - Cefuroxime axetil 2nd Gen Cephalosporin
Cefotan - Cefotetan 2nd Gen Cephalosporin
Ceclor - Cefaclor 2nd Gen Cephalosporin
Cefzil - Cefprozil 2nd Gen Cephalosporin
Cefotaxime 3rd Gen Cephalosporin
Cefizox - Ceftizoxime 3rd Gen Cephalosporin
Fortaz, Tazicef, Tazidime - Ceftazidime 3rd Gen Cephalosporin
Cefdinir 3rd Gen Cephalosporin
Vantin - Cefpodoxime 3rd Gen Cephalosporin
Rocephin - Ceftriaxone 3rd Gen Cephalosporin
Suprax - Cefixime 3rd Gen Cephalosporin
Spectracef - Cefditoren pivoxil 3rd Gen Cephalosporin
Maxipime - Cefepime 4th Gen Cephalosporin
Teflaro - Ceftaroline 5th Gen Cephalosporin
Avycaz, Zavicefta - Ceftazidime/Avibactam 3rd Gen Cephalosporin/Beta-Lactamase Inhibitor
Zerbaxa - Ceftolozane/Tazobactam Advanced Gen Cephalosporin/Beta-Lactamase Inhibitor
Fetroja - Cefiderocol Siderophore Cephalosporin
Primaxin - Imipenem/Cilastatin Carbapenem/Dehydropeptidase Inhibitor
Merrem - Meropenem Carbapenem
Invanz - Ertapenem Carbapenem
Doribax - Doripenem Carbapenem
Vabomere - Meropenem/Vaborbactam Carbapenem/Beta-Lactamase Inhibitor
Recarbrio - Imipenem/Cilastatin/Relebactam Carbapenem/Dehydropeptidase Inhibitor/Beta-Lactamase Inhibitor
Azactam - Aztreonam Monobactam
Firvanq, Vancocin - Vancomycin PO Glycopeptide
Vibativ - Telavancin Lipoglycopeptide
Dalvance - Dalbavancin Lipoglycopeptide
Orbactiv - Oritavancin Lipoglycopeptide
Bactrim - Trimethoprim/Sulfamethoxazole Sulfonamide
Cipro - Ciprofloxacin 2nd Gen Fluoroquinolone
Floxin - Ofloxacin 2nd Gen Fluoroquinolone
Levaquin - Levofloxacin 3rd Gen Fluoroquinolone/Respiratory Quinolone
Avelox - Moxifloxacin 3rd/4th Gen Fluoroquinolone/Respiratory Quinolone
Factive - Gemifloxacin 3rd/4th Gen Fluoroquinolone/Respiratory Quinolone
Baxdela - Delafloxacin 4th Gen Fluoroquinolone
Gentamicin Aminoglycoside
Tobramycin Aminoglycoside
Amikin - Amikacin Aminoglycoside
Streptomycin Aminoglycoside
Neomycin Aminoglycoside
Humatin - Paromomycin Aminoglycoside
Zemdri - Plazomicin Aminoglycoside
Vibramycin - Doxycycline Tetracycline
Tetracycline Tetracycline
Minocin - Minocycline Tetracycline
Demeclocycline Tetracycline
Nuzyra - Omadacycline Aminomethylcycline
Seysara - Sarecycline Tetracycline
Xerava - Eravacycline Fluorocycline
Tygacil - Tigecycline Glycylcycline
Ery-Tab, EES, EryPed - Erythromycin Macrolide
Zithromax - Azithromycin Macrolide
Biaxin - Clarithromycin Macrolide
Dificid - Fidaxomicin Nonabsorbed Macrolide
Ketek - Telithromycin Ketolide
Cleocin - Clindamycin Lincosamide
Lincocin - Lincomycin Lincosamide
Synercid - Quinupristin/Dalfopristin Streptogramin
Zyvox - Linezolid Oxazolidinone
Sivextro - Tedizolid Oxazolidinone
Flagyl - Metronidazole Nitroimidazole
Solosec - Secnidazole Nitroimidazole
Tinidazole Nitroimidazole
Cubicin - Daptomycin Cyclic Lipopeptide
Coly-Mycin M - Colistin Polymyxin
Polymyxin B Polymyxin
Rifadin - Rifampin Rifamycin
Mycobutin - Rifabutin Rifamycin
Priftin - Rifapentine Rifamycin
Xifaxan - Rifaximin Rifamycin
Xenleta - Lefamulin Pleuromutilin
Altabax - Retapamulin Topical Pleuromutilin
Macrodantin, Macrobid - Nitrofurantoin Miscellaneous
Hiprex - Methenamine mandate and hippurate Miscellaneous
Monurol - Fosfomycin Miscellaneous
Chloramphenicol Miscellaneous
Trimpex, Proloprim - Trimethoprim Miscellaneous
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