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PHM 115 Study guide

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A hospital pharmacy is considered a home health pharmacy True
A stat order should be filled within 2 to 4 hours. False
SureMed and PYXIS are automated dispensing systems used by hospitals. True
Hospitals can have more than one pharmacy. True
Orders at the hospital only arrive between 8am and 5 pm. False
Only narcotics need to be labeled before they leave the pharmacy. False
An E-MAR contains drug, dose, and time administered. True
Policies and procedures binders contain information pertaining to all the following except: Employees' weekly schedule
Health care Financing Administration programs include all except: MedWatch
Computerized prescriber order entry is becoming more popular because: both b and c are correct: it is no longer necessary to decipher physicians' handwriting and it checks for interactions
Hospital units that stock controlled substances must: Have two nurses conduct an actual count at the change of every shift
A physician writing a medication order for the patient is treated as a: prescription
Aseptic technique is: A and B: a method to prevent contamination of an object by microorganisms and important in preparing all intervenous medications
An IV tech prepares: All of the above: aminophylline, heparin, and potassium infusions
What drugs must be labeled before they leave the pharmacy? All of the above: chemotherapy drugs, neonatal medications and narcotics
Most stock orders are placed using: computer
How often do pharmacists generally perform drug therapy review for each patient? monthly
Which of the following is permitted to administer medication to patients? LPN
What is the name of an adult care home that is licensed and governed by state and federal regulations? nursing home
________ provide rehabilitative, restorative, or ongoing skilled nursing care to individuals who need assistance with the activities of daily living. LTC facilities
Once a medication order is packaged in a unit-dose container, it must be ________. checked by a pharmacist before being dispensed
________ orders are used for specific medications to be administered at specific intervals throughout the day. standing
The most efficient medication delivery system in health-system pharmacy is ________. unit dose
The benefit of an automated dispensing system is that it ________. All of the above: cost-effective, reduces errors when operated properly, and helps reduce diversion
Which regulatory agency administers the State Children's Health Insurance Program? CMS
Which of the following cannot be repackaged as a unit dose? eye drops
Health-system pharmacies provide services ________ hours a day. 24
What kink of facility provides rehabilitative, restorative, or ongoing skilled nursing care to persons in need of assistance with daily activities LTC Facility
What institution provides palliative care and support to help ease suffering for patients at the end of their lives? Hospice
What facility offer skilled and custodial care to older people who do not need intensive or acute hospital care but for whom remaining at home is no longer appropriate? Nursing Homes
What is the most common type of health-system pharmacy? Hospital pharmacies
Where are more than ________ registered hospitals in the US. 5,750
What is not included among the AHA categories of hospitals? Short-Term Care
How many beds would be expected in a medium-sized hospital? 50-100
A small hospital would have how many beds? 25-50
What term is used in long-term care facilities as an alternative to the word "patient"? residents
A pharmacy system that operates out of one primary location is considered: centralized
A health system pharmacy with a central inpatient pharmacy, satellites, and an outpatient pharmacy is known as a: decentralized
A medical staff member with the following degrees is licensed to examine patients, diagnose illnesses, and prescribe and administer treatments using manipulative techniques on the musculoskeletal system in conjunction with conventional treatments? Doctor of Osteopathy (DO)
Medical staff member coordinates patient care under the supervision of a doctor, and can prescribe medications, although with restrictions on prescribing controlled substances? PA-physician assistant
Medical staff member: "individual who is licensed to work closely with doctors in providing patient care, and prescribe medications under their supervision? NP-nurse practitioner
Which of the following agencies does not regulate the practice of health-system pharmacies: FDA, Joint Commission, or CMS? FDA
What is a policy and procedure manuals? Step by step directions to achieve a policy, policy is rules and regulations
Which of the following is NOT a health-system medication distribution systems commonly used in a health-system setting: Unit Dosing or Bulk Dispensing? Bulk dispensing
In health-system pharmacies, what replaces the prescription pad used for retail pharmacies? medication order
Which of the following is out of place on a medication order form: Physicians Signature, patients signature, or original date? Patients signature
What kink of medication order is used in a health-system facility research program? investigational medicine order
Automated packagers like Talyst or Med-Pac can produce how many tablets or capsules per minute? 60-120 per minute
The term "floor stock" refers to? System in which medications are kept in each floor for distribution to patients. Med Dispense, Pixys, and Omnicell
The pharmacy expiration date for a unit-dose of medication is typically? One year from date of packing or the meds expiration date
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