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Music Exam Part 2

"In My Forest" Middle Ages
"O Magnum Mysterium" Renaissance
the frottolais composed Renaissance
intervals of 4th and 5th dominate harmony Middle Ages
"Sumer is Icumen In" Middle Ages
"Fire, Fire!" is composed Renaissance
William Byrd Renaissance
Gregorian Chants used extensivley Middle Ages
a consort of viols Renaissance
3rds added to standard harmony Renaissance
Queen Elizabeth I Renaissance
"Plaine and Easie Introduction to Practicall Musicke" is written Renaissance
the minnesingers Renaissance
the "Reformation" Renaissance
DaVinci paint the Mona Lisa Renaissance
Gutenberg invents the moveable type Renaissance
the earliest round, or canons Middle Ages
Tomas Luis da Victoria Renaissance
the trouveres Middle Ages
the "jonglers" perform in Europe Middle Ages
Philipe deVitry Middle Ages
lines and spaces for music writing invented Middle Ages
Giovanni dePalestrina Renaissance
accapella Latin motets are composed Renaissance
Ars Nova Middle Ages
the goliards Middle Ages
parallel organum is composed Middle Ages
many pieces by Anonymous Middle Ages
imitative polyphony and homophony in alteration within a piece Renaissance
the "counterreformation" Renaissance
the conductus is written Middle Ages
the "Golden Age of Choral Music" Renaissance
Pope Gregory catalogues hundreds of plainsong into a collection Middle Ages
William Shakespeare Renaissance
Michelangelo paints the Sistine Chapel Renaissance
"The Age of Chivalry" Middle Ages
the reign of Charlemagne Middle Ages
Created by: 13_MBrady
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