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Constitution Review-2

Name an organization which is exempt from federal taxes. Churches
Define Incumbent The current officeholder.
Explain progressive tax. A tax proportionate to your income (The more you make, the more they take.)
What do U.S. Marshalls do? Make arrests, secure jurors, serve papers.
What are the three branches of government executive, legislative, judicial
Name the two (2) U.S. Senators from Illinois serving in Washington D.C. Roland Burris and Dick Durbin
What are the hours for voting on election day? 6 AM to 7 pm
What are the governors legislative powers? (plus an example). Power to recommend legislation (message power) and to veto a bill.
How often does redistricting occur? Every 10 years (After each census.)
Plaintiff Plaintiff- The person initiating the suit (complainer).
How long are Federal/Constitutional justices on the bench for? Life
What can the President do with a bill? 1. Sign it 2. veto it 3. pocket veto 4. Let it sit for 10 days.
How many white stripes on a flag? Seriously....find a flag and count!
How many senators come from each state Two (2)
How does the Speech and Debate Clause protect Congressmen? They can debate freely while doing official business.
How do you stop a filibuster? cloture
How do we know the number of electors (for the Electoral College) that each state gets? # of senators + # of representatives= electors.
Qualifications to be the President of the USA 1. Natural born citizen 2. Live in USA 14 years. 3. at least 35 years old.
How are the names of potential jurors selected? driver's license lists.
how can the constitution be amended? 2/3 vote of congress; 3/4 vote of states
What is the power of the government that allows them to take private property for public use? eminent domain
Who presides over the senate? The Vice-President of the United States.
Liberal constructionists Broad view of constitution
Explain the civil service system The tests one must pass to get a federal government job.
How are the number of members of the House of Representatives determined from a state. Population
When are presidential elections held? The 1st Tuesday after the 1st Monday in November every four (4) years.
When was the Illinois state constitution written? 1970
What is an indirect tax? A tax first paid by someone else, then passed on to another (cigarette tax).
A special session of Congress is called by the president for what reason? An emergency.
Why does the US government need to borrow money today? They've been spending beyond their means for YEARS!
Who is the Secretary of State in Illinois? Jesse White
Who appoints Supreme Court justices and cabinet members? The President.
Which tax produces the most income for most states? Sales Tax.
Which federal court has both original and appellate jurisdiction? The U.S. Supreme Court.
Who approves the Presidential appointments to cabinet level posts? The U.S. Senate
Who gerrymanders congressional districts? State Legislatures.
Who is the Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court? John Roberts, Jr.
Who is the Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces? The President
Who is the Chief Diplomat of the USA The President.
What is the county seat of Bond County? Greenville
What is gerrymandering? Drawing of district lines to favor the party in power.
Copyright. Exclusive right to creative work (books, music, articles in magazines & papers).
Redress Satisfaction of a claim
Who is the Secretary of State at the Federal level? Hillary Clinton
Who is the Lieutenant Governor of Illinois? No one. The office is vacant.
Who is the state Senator in the State of Illinois in the 51st Legislative district? Kyle McCarter
Who is the U.S. House of Representative member from the 19th Congressional district John Shimkus
Who is the governor of Illinois? Pat Quinn
Who is the county clerk of Bond county? Randy Reitz
Jurisdiction Who may hear a case.
Presidential salary. $400,000
at-large Voting from a state-wide slate.
The biggest flaw in the electoral college system A candidate can win the popular vote and still not win the presidency.
bankruptcy Attempting to get protection from creditors.
amnesty General pardon for a group of law violators.
concurrent jurisdiction Both Federal and state court may hear the case at the same time.
Treaty Pact with other countries; senate MUST approve.
Preamble Intro to Constitution.(We the People of the United States)
maximum years the President can serve? Ten (10)
Role of President's cabinet. To give advice to the president.
State of the Union Address Statement from the president to congress updating them on the status of the USA.
The Constitution. The Supreme Law of the Land.
Qualifications for US Senator 1. at least 30. 2. 9 years citizen. 3. Live in state they wish to represent.
Term of US Senator Six (6) years.
How many justices on the Illinois Supreme Court? Seven (7).
How many amendments to the US Constitution? 27Formally change the text of the constitution.
Qualifications for US House member 1. at least 25. 2. 7 years citizen 3. Live in state they wish to represent.
Term of a US House member Two (2) years.
Federal debt? In the trillions of dollars.
How old must you be to be a member of the Illinois General Assembly? at least 21 years old.
Term of Governor Four (4) years.
The state's banker Office of Treasury.
Largest source of Federal revenue? Individual income tax.
partisan Voting with their party.
U.S. Constitution where and when? Philadelphia, 1787
When are General Elections held? 1st Tuesday, after 1st Monday, in November every even numbered year.
Federal or state constitution. Which has more power? Federal (US) Constitution.
Which courts hear the greatest number of cases? Federal District courts.
Who is the Commander-in-Chief of the state's military forces. The Governor.
Who is the Chief law enforcement officer of the state? Lisa Madigan, the attorney general.
Defendant. Defendant- The person who must "defend" themselves in the suit.
Executive agreement pact with other countries the President made. it DOESN'T need senate approval.
Strict Constructionists. Narrow view of constitution
Order of Succession to the presidency. 1. Vice-President 2. Speaker of the House 3. President Pro Tempore 4. Secretary of State.
When you wish to dispose of a US flag, how do you do so? Burn it.
How much does a Congressman make per year. $165,000 baseline salary.
pardon legal forgiveness of a crime
reprieve postponement of a sentence
patent Legal right to your invention.
Bicameral Two-house legislature.
US Federal budget A list of income and expenditures done by the president.
commutation To lessen a sentence.
The whip of a party does what Determines the number of votes that may be counted on.
estate tax a tax on someone who has died.
excise tax Tax on the manufacture, sale or consumption of goods or services.
deficit financing When the government continues to borrow money even though they are already in debt.
Committee assignments in congress are based on..... seniority.
concurring opinion. Agrees with the decision of the court.
dissenting opinion. DISagrees with the decision of the court.
Grand jury 6-23 people, determines if there is enough evidence to indict you (put you on trial).
Petit jury The jury that determines your fate in court.
The governor's executive power (example) appointing judges, making a budget....
Don't forget to study....... the back page of your review sheet!!!!!!! It's called "Interpreting Diagrams!"
Created by: Jurgena
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