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Rel. ch. 5 + misc.

crusades, pope jp II, cathedrals, babylonion captivity, t. aquinas, etc.

mendicant someone who is begging
Thomas Aquinas "Summa theologica" believed that reason and faith can be on the same side. embraced knowledge.
pontificate reign of the pope
pontiff pope
claudestine secret
communism oppressive government of Russia (and Poland) from 1945-1980s
Gestapo Nazi Secret Police
fluency ease of speaking a language
inquisition catholic court that was accused of examining those accused of heresy.
how did karol hear god? through positive experiences and through many people.
what prompted karol's lifelong devotion to mary? his mother died
Crusades wars of control between christians in europe and muslims in middle east
St. Francis of Assisi (1181-1226) started order called franciscans. preached the gospel, helped the poor and fought heresies.
St. Dominic Guzman (1170-1221) started order called dominicans. preached the gospel, helped the poor and fought heresies.
Franciscans started by st. francis of assisi. wore brown robes and sandals. lived simple lives + traveled the country begging for themselves.
dominicans started by st. dominic. wore white robes w/ black capes. traveled through europe starting schools + preaching against heresies.
cathedrals huge churches made of stone with tall spires + huge arches. gothic architecture.
babylonian captivity when the center of the catholic church was moved to Avignon under the power of the french king.
cause of the crusades Muslims, Jews, and Christians all regarded the area around Jerusalem as holy and wanted control over it. These wars of control between the Christians in Europe and the Muslims in the Middle east had caused the Crusades
3 results after the crusades were finished in europe 1. bishops + cardinals became very powerful and rich, 2. Trade increased, 3. people left the country-side to go to cities
Poor Clares community of nuns formed st. Clare of Assisi. influenced by st. francis of assisi.
what did karol do after his dad died? knelt at his bedside and prayed for 12 hours.
what did karol do during nazi occupation of poland? worked at a quarry and chemical factory. helped set up an underground university and the Rhapsodic theater.
how did karol's friends describe him? what was he like to his jewish friends. athletic, academic, friendly, pensive youth. was protective of jewish friends.
why did karol become a priest? felt God spared him from the nazis because he had a divine plan for him.
what did karol do at st. florian's parish? why did they call him "uncle"? pastor and youth minister. illegal fo the church to support outings like camping, canoeing, etc.
when was karol elected pope? why were people so suprised? October 16, 1978. people considered him as to young + he was the first polish pope in a long time.
how did pope john paul II break down communism? told polish people that they should take their country back. wen to commuist countries.
what happened to pope jp II on may 13, 1981?How did he respond to his survival? he was shot. credited Our Lady of Fatima for saving him. talked 2 the man who shot him and offered foregiveness.
gothic architecture became popular in 1150. Churches built in this sort of style-in this type of style, when you looked up, it seemed as if you were soaring up to heaven and reaching up to God himself. They were also famous for their stain-glassed windows.
why was europe reffered to as christendom? catholicism influenced every aspect of people's lives.
why did the church brand people as heretics? wanted to fight against people who threatened their faith.
why did friars begin? purpose? wanted to be faithful to the exampe of Christ. help the church return to the foundation of the gospel.
st. francis of assisi main message + belief? trust in god's mercy + relate to the poor.
another name for order of friars minor? franciscans.
St. Dominic's purpose for order of preachers? how did he model his order after st. francis? fight against any heresy that would mislead the faithful. included similar provisions in his rule for the order.
St. Dominic's gifts? organizing, gave order strong structure. included a system of checks and balances + elected superior.
What do the franciscan, dominicans, augustinians, and carmelites have in common? what did they bring to the church? all mendicant orders. brought rosary, stations of the cross, christmas creche.
why were stained gass windows called living catechisms? illustrated scenes and themes of gospel message for those who couldn't read.
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