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PHM 114 Week 5 Abrev

PHM 114 Week 5 Abbreviations

ADA American Diabetic Association
AMA against medical advice
ap apply
amt amount
CAD coronary artery disease
AUD apply as directed
aa apply to affected area
BID twice daily
fl. fluid
dil dilute
PT physical therapy
elix elixir
ext external
UD unit dose
MI myocardial infarction
lb pound
pt patient
liq liquid
ud as directed
NKDA unknown drug allergies
NS normal saline
NTE not to exceed
oz ounce
qs ad quantity sufficient to make
qd every day or daily
S&S swish and swallow/spit
TID three times daily
NTG nitroglycerin
TAC triamcinolone
ung ointment
Created by: Tinamharris31