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word list:47


tonsure shaving of head esp.by persons entering religious orders
torpor lethargy,dormancy,sluggishness
torrent flooded,rushing stream
torrid passionate,hot,scorching
totter move unsteadily,sway as if about 2 fall
touchstone stone used to test the fineness of gold alloys
tout publicize,praise excessively
tract pamphlet,a region of indefinite size
traduce expose to slander
transcendent surpassing,exceeding ordinary limits,superior
transcribe copy
transgression violation of law,sin
transitory impermanent,fleeting
transmute change,convert to something different
transpire be revealed,happen
transport strong emotion
trappings outward decorations,ornaments
travail painful labor
travesty comical parody,treatment aimed at aking something ridiciulous
treatise article treating a subject systematically and thoroughly
trenchant cutting,keen
trepedation fear,nervous apprehension
tribulation distress,sufferings
tribunal court of justice
tribute tax levied by a ruler,mark of respect
trident three-pronged spear
trifling trivial,unimportant
trilogy group of three works
trinket knick-knack,bauble
trite hackneyed,commonplace
trivia trifles,unimportant matters
troth pledge of good faith esp.in betrothal
trough container for feeding farm animals,lowest
truculence aggressiveness,ferocity
truism self-evident truth
trancate cut the top off
tryst meeting
tumid swollen,pompous,bombastic
tumult commotion,riot,noise
tureen deep dish for serving soup
turgid swollen,distended
turmoil great commotion or confusion
turncoat traitor
turpitude depravity
tutelage guardianship,training
tutelary protective,pertaining to guardianship
tyro beginner,novice
ubiquitous being everywhere;omnipresent
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