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Glossary for APM Project Fundamentals Qualification

Project sponsor Accountable for ensuring that the work is governed effectively and delivers the objectives that meet identified needs
Project manager The individual responsible and accountable for the successful delivery of the project
Governance board A body that provides sponsorship to a project, programme or portfolio. The board will represent financial, provider and user interests. Members of a governance board oversee deployment and make decisions through the chosen life cycle. Alternatively called steering committee, steering group, project board, etc.
Team A group of people working in collaboration or by cooperation towards a common goal.
Project Management Office (PMO) An organisational structure that provides support for project, programmes and/or portfolios.
Embedded PMO The majority of PMO functions are delivered under the control of the project manager with only organisation-wide elements (e.g. processes) defined at a higher level.
Central PMO The majority of PMO functions sit outside project teams, and provide a service to multiple projects.
Hub and spoke PMO A hybrid form with a central enterprise or portfolio PMO linked to satellite PMOs within individual projects. Requires clear ‘rules of engagement’ between project managers and the PMO to ensure efficient working.
Project team members The people accountable to the project manager when working on project activities.
Users The group of people who are intended to work with deliverables to enable beneficial change to be realised.
Product owner The key representative of the business within the Solution Development Team. During the Evolutionary Development phase of the project, the Product owner is the main decision maker on behalf of the business. This requires sufficient seniority, empowerment and credibility to make decisions on behalf of the business.
Created by: Sarah Ironmonger
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