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Hematologic System

First 6 Hematologic meds

ferrous sulfate, iron dextran -classification Iron preparations (antianemics)
ferrous sulfate, iron dextran- therapeutic use iron deficiency anemia, prevention of iron deficiency anemia who are at risk( pregnant women, infants, children, ongoing blood loss)
ferrous sulfate, iron dextran- administration ferrous sulfate(oral) - in liquid form dilute in another compatible liquid , give through a straw , and rinse mouth with water,spread doses evenly through waking hours Best given on an empty stomach for absorption but can be given with food.
ferrous sulfate, iron dextran-administration cont. iron dextran( IM, IV) - give test dose first- followed by 1st prescribed dose 1hr later due to possible anaphylaxis , have epinephrine available , administer with 2-3 inch long needle using z track technique , give dose no faster than 12.4mg/min
ferrous sulfate, iron dextran-administration cont. infuse iron dextran no faster than 50mL/min DO NOT GIVE ORAL FORM when receiving iron dextran
ferrous-sulfate, iron dextran- side/adverse effects nausea, constipation, heartburn, diarrhea metallic taste in mouth(iron dextran) staining of teeth ( liquid form) Fatal iron toxicity(in children)- nausea, vomiting . shock, diarrhea injection site reaction orange juice can cause GI upset
ferrous-sulfate , iron dextran- interventions monitor for GI symptoms give chelating agent deferoxamine for toxicity recommend foods high in iron- eggs, muscle meets, whole grain cereals , Monitor blood pressure closer for hypotension( iron dextran) Monitor Hgb, Hct, and reticuloyte count
ferrous sulfate, iron dextran- contraindications/precautions hemolytic anemia severe liver disease peptic ucler diseases , ulcerative colitis regional enteritis gastrointestinal disorders
ferrous sulfate, iron dextran- pt teaching encourage to take on an empty stomach but let them know they can take w/ food , avoid coffee, tea, antacids, and diary products expect dark or black stools , increase exercise and fluid and fiber intake, rinse mouth out ,y suck on hard candy
ferrous sulfate, iron dextran- interactions antacids and tetracyclines reduce absorption iron also reduces absorption of tetracyclines vitamin c increases absorption but can cause GI UPSET give chelating agent deferoxamine for toxicity
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