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Questions from Module 4 of the Principles Component

What vessels make up the Portal Triad? portal vein (head), hepatic artery (right ear), and bile duct (left ear).
What vessels make up the portal confluence? junction of the superior mesenteric vein and splenic vein
What vessels make up the splanchnic system? Hepatic, splenic, portal, and mesenteric veins are confluent elements within the splanchnic system.
What is the falciform ligament? attaches the liver to the anterior body wall; remnant of the fetal ventral mesentary
What is the ligamentum teres? the remnant of the fetal umbilical vein, divides liver into lateral and medial sides
What is the round ligament? another name for ligamentum teres
Arterial blood supply to the pancreas includes: Proper Hepatic ArteryCommon Hepatic ArterySuperior Mesenteric Artery
Rank in order of increasing echogenicity of the following tissues:a. Renal capsuleb. Renal sinusc. Renal pelvisd. Renal collecting systeme. Renal cortexf. Renal medullag. pancreash. liveri. spleenj. gallbladder gallbladder lumen; distended renal pelvis, collecting system, and sinus; renal cortex, spleen; liver; pancreas; undistended renal pelvis, collecting system, and sinus; gallbladder wall
Created by: sbeard1