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PHM 114 Week 1 Study

PHM 114 Week 1 Study Guide

All of the following are part of the upper respiratory tract EXCEPT the: Trachea
All of the following are part of the lower respiratory tract EXCEPT the: Larynx
As air passes through the lungs, it is purified, humidified, and: Warmed
The lungs are composed of about ________ solid tissue. 10%
The conducting airways of the lungs move approximately ________ liters of inspired air per day. 10,000
The grape-like clusters of air sacs are the: Alveoli
An adult lung contains how many alveoli? 600 million
The ________ of the nose filter the air. cilia
Colds are ________ infections. viral
All of the following are common flu symptoms EXCEPT: Normal energy level
Coughs likely begin with an irritation of ________ in the respiratory tract. nerves
The most frequent causes of chronic cough in children are: Asthma, sinusitis, and GERD
A post infectious cough may persist for ________ weeks? 3 or more
A persistent acute cough that lasts for 3 weeks or less is usually caused by the common cold but could indicate: Pneumonia
A chronic cough is one that lasts for _______ weeks? 3 or more
Antibiotic treatment is needed for someone with: Whooping cough
Mucus is expelled in a: Productive cough
A dry hacking cough is considered: Non-productive cough
A (n) ________ is used to thin out mucus decongestant
Which of the following is used to quiet or stop coughs? Antitussive
Patients taking ________ drugs should not take products containing pseudoephedrine. MAOI
Which of the following drugs is an essential chemical used in the manufacture of methamphetamine? pseudoephedrine
Topical decongestants act as: Vasconstrictors
Dextromethorphan is found in all of the following EXCEPT: Organidin NR
All of the following are trade names for guaifenesin EXCEPT: Hycomine (C-III)
What is the mechanism of action of guaifenesin? Thins mucus and lubricates the irritated respiratory tract
What is the mechanism of action of codeine in treating coughs? Elevates the threshold for cough in the medulla oblongata
What is the mechanism of action of dextromethorphan in treating coughs? Works on CNS to suppress cough centers in the medulla oblongata
Which of the following is NOT a common ophthalmic dosage form? Emulsion
the most frequent causes of chronic cough in children are: Asthma, sinusitis, and GERD
The most common ophthalmic dosage form prepared in compounding pharmacies is a (n): solution
The eye generally tolerates a pH range of: 4-11
What are used in ophthalmic preparations to maintain proper pH? buffers
Which of these is NOT a common dosage form for otic preparations? Pastes
Common vehicles for compounding otic preparations include all of the following EXCEPT: Pluronic lecithin organogel
Which of the following are not common dosage forms for nasal preparations? tablets
Which of the following would be used as a vehicle when compounding nasal preparations? 0.9% sodium chloride
________ compounding is now one of the fasted growing areas of pharmaceutical compounding. Veterinary
Medications doses for animals are usually calculated on the basis of Milligrams per kilogram of body weight
A chewable treat dosage form has a base of ground food product and ________ mixed with the active ingredient. gelatin
Why are coloring and flavoring added to compounded medications? Psychological effect
Which group of people may require greater amounts of flavor in compounded medication? Elderly
Which group of people has the least experience of taste and therefore generally doesn't require a strong flavor in compounded medication? Infants
Which of the following would likely NOT be a preferred flavor for children? Anise
For which group of people does the "bite" of a bitter flavor help cut the bitterness of a medication? Adult patients
Which taste receptors are located approximately in the center of the tongue? Sour only
How does the brain perceive taste? As a composite sensation
Which flavor enhancer can be added along with almost any flavoring agent to stimulate and intensify the desired flavor without altering the flavor or adding its own tast? Vanilla
Which of the following is one of the terms that means the process of reducing the particle size of a substance by grinding? comminuting
Which of the following is NOT part of the dictionary definition of compounding? To customize
Which term refers to the inactive ingredients that are compounded with active ingredients to create the dosage form? Excipient
Which resource provides an in-depth look at compounding and step-by-step procedures? The Pharmacy Technician Series: Compounding
Pharmacy technicians must take great care with compounding ________ because even a small mistake could have devastating results for the patient. calculations
What was recently revised to include new material about non-sterile compounded formulations? USP 795
The Pharmacy Compounding Accreditation Board (PCAB) was founded when eight of the nation's leading pharmacy organizations joined together to create a (n) ________ quality accreditation designation for the compounding industry. voluntary
The goals of PCAB accreditation include all the following EXCEPT: maintain quality of compounding operations.
Which of the following is used for continuous stirring? Magnetic stir plate
In geometric dilution, each addition should ________ the amount until all ingredients are mixed in double
in step 4 of the compounding process, the pharmacy technician weighs each ingredient. What happens next? Following the directions on the formula, the technician prepares the compounded medication
What is defined as a program of activities used to ensure that the procedures used in the preparation of compounded products meed specific standards? Quality Assurance
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