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Why is a preliminary KUB performed? to check for abdominal calcifications or tumor masses
Patient prep for an UGI NPO after midnight the night before for 8-9 hours prior, or following the evening meal. Smoking and gum chewing are discouraged.
What is done for a constipated patient prior to an UGI? a non gas forming laxative will be taken the day prior
What contrast is used for an UGI? barium sulfate suspension
What is a biphasic exam? done with both single and double contrast
What can be detected on a single contrast UGI? size, shape and position of the stomach; changing stomach contour; filling and emptying of the duodenal bulb; any abnormality of the stomach, esophagus or duodenum.
Exaplain in order what is given to the patient for a double contrast UGI gas crystals, thick barium, the patient rolls over a couple times to coat the stomach
PA prone stomach IR placement the center of the film should be halfway between the vertebral column and left lateral border and 1-2” above the lower rib margin at L1-L2.
PA upright stomach IR placement the center of the film should be halfway between the vertebral column and left lateral border, and 3-6” inferior to the lower rib margin L1-L2
Structures shown on PA stomach contour of the barium filled stomach and duodenal bulb
How much does the stomach move from upright to prone? 1 ½ to 4”
Eval for PA stomach entire stomach and duodenal loop, stomach centered at the pylorus, no rotation, appropriate technique
PA axial IR placement MSP centered, IR centered to L2 (1-2” above the lower rib margin)
CR entry for PA axial stomach 35-45 degrees cephalad to the center of the IR
Structures shown for PA axial stomach better demonstration of the greater and lesser curvatures on hypersthenic patients
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