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Musculoskeletal quiz

pharmacology musculoskeletal quix

What are the side/adverse effects of methotrexate(SATA) a. liver damage b, hypotension c. kidney stones d. bone marrow suppression A, D
T/F - A pregnant or breastfeeding women can take methotrexate? False- its a teratogenic drug
T/F- methotrexate effects are immediate ? False- takes 3-6 weeks for effects to work
What are interventions for methotrexate? (SATA) A. Monitor for gastro bleeding b. monitor liver function and observe for jaundice c. monitor bone density d. Monitor for infection e. monitor for signs of DVT a, b, d
T/f- you can take NSAIDS with methotrexate? False- can cause toxicity
T/f- Take methotrexate with food and milk F- take on an empty stomach with water
What patient instructions should be included in teaching with methotrexate?(SATA) A. Report blood in vomitus or stools B. Report signs of leg pain C. Report yellowing of skin and eyes D. Report abnormal bleeding , bruising , or petechiae A, C, D
T/F- etanercept is a selective estrogen receptor modulators drug? False- A DMARDS 2
Which of the following are side effects of etanercept?( SATA) A. kidney stones b. heart failure c. severe skin reactions d. reactivation of TB e. low heart rate b, c, d
T/f- as nurse you must administer a Tb Test prior to starting etanercept therapy? True
T/F- Administer etanercept 3 times weekly False- 1x a week
Which of the following are contraindications/precautions with etanercept? (SATA) a. heart failure b. live vaccines c. hyperlipidemia d. MS e. active TB A, B, D,E
T/F pts need to immediately report if they begin to have pink sputum and a cough while taking etanercept ? True
T/ F its okay to take estrogen replacement therapy w/ raloxifene False
Which of the following are side/adverse effects of raloxifene ? (SATA) A. severe skin rash b. hot flashes c, risk of stroke d. increased risk of DVT e. HF B, C, D
Which of the following are interventions w/ raloxifene? (SATA) A. observe signs for DVT b. monitor bone density c. monitor for skin reaction d. administer tb test a, b
T/f- Aspirin and calcium supplements can be given with alendronate? False- avoid giving within 30 min
T/F- A pt needs to lay down 30 min after taking alendronate? False- must stay sitting or standing for 30 min after administration
Which of the following are side/adverse effects of alendronate? (SATA) A, polyuria b. hypocalcemia c. muscle and joint pain d, esophagitis e. nasal dryness C, D
T/f- Give analgesics for pain with alendronate? True
Which of the following are precautions when taking alendronate? a.Allergy to Salmon b. upper GI disorders c. renal insufficiency d. hypercalcemia b
Which of the following are patient instructions for calcitonin-salmon? a. take medication with a full glass of water b. notify patient of muscle spasms, tingling of fingers , and toes c. report vision changes d. avoid eating and drinking for 30 min B
Which of the following are side/adverse effects of calcitonin-salmon? (SATA) a. nasal dryness b. hypersensitivity reaction c. hypocalcemia d. muscle and joint pain a, b, c
T/F - prime the pump for the first time use for calcitonin-salmon? True
T/F- Development of erythema within 15 min of administration indicates sensitivity to calcitonin- salmon? True
Which of the following are side/adverse effects of calcium-citrate/carbonate? (SATA) a. depression b. nausea, vomiting, and constipation c, reyes syndrome d. kidney stones e. muscle and joint pain A, B, D
Which of the following is an intervention for calcium - citrate/carbonate? a. have pt sit up for 30 min b. take medication on an empty stomach c. monitor pt for flank pain d. instruct pt not to chew tablets C
T/F- calcium -citrate/carbonate should be taken 1 hr before meals? False- 1hr after
T/f-calcium-citrate/carbonate should be taken 2HR after the administration of glucocorticoids? True
Which of following are contraindications/precautions when taking calcium-citrate/carbonate? SATA a. hypocalcemia b. hypercalcemia c. kidney stones d. bleeding disorders e. low phosphate levels B, C, E
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