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病 - (bìng) - sick
生病 - (shēngbìng) - being sick
看病 - (kàn bìng) - go to see the doctor
舒服 - (shūfu) - comfortable
头疼 - (tóu téng) - have a headache
疼 - (téng) - pain, ache
喉咙疼 - (hóu lóng téng) - have a sore throat
咳嗽 - (ké sou) - cough
肚子 - (dù zi) - belly; stomach
肚子疼 - (dù zi téng) - have a stomachache
量 - (liáng) - to measure
体温 - (tǐ wēn) - body temperature
量体温 - (liáng tǐ wēn) - to take (or measure) the body temperature
发烧 - (fā shāo) - fever
感冒 - (*gǎn mào) - to catch a cold
开 - (kāi) - to offer, to prescribe, to open, to hold a meeting
药 - (yào) - medicine
开药 - (kāi yào) - prescribe the medicine
应该 - (yīng gāi) - should
饭前 - (fàn qián) - before meal
饭后 - (fàn hòu) - after meal
医生 - (yīshēng) - doctor 医生在哪儿?
护士 - (hùshì) - nurse
不舒服 - (bù shūfu) - uncomfortable
休息 - (xiūxí) - take a rest
带 - to bring, take
完 - finish
笑话 - (xiào hua) - joke
蛀牙 - (zhù yá) - tooth with a cavity
拔 - (bá) - to pull out
颗 - (kē) - measure word usually used for small objects
秒钟 - (miǎo zhōng) - second
喉咙 - (hóu lóng ) - throat; larynx
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