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SE Asia Quiz

History of Japan, Korea, Vietnam, China

Why did the United States believe it was necessary to become involved in both Korea and Vietnam? To stop the spread of communism
What role did the U.S. play in rebuilding Japan after World War II? The U.S. developed a plan to help Japan's economy recover
After WWII, Japan was _________. devastated.
Japan's economy is considered a "miracle" because ____________________. they were able to rebuild so quickly after WWII.
Which explains one way the Korean and Vietnam Wars were alike? The USA entered the war to stop the spread of communism.
What was the result of the Korean War? The boundary stayed the same.
During the Cold War, the USA had a policy of containment. What is containment? Stopping the spread of communism.
Who attacked South Korea in June of 1950? North Korea
A desire for one's country to be independent is called _____________. nationalism
A major leader in Vietnam's independence movement was ____________. Ho Chi Minh
The Cold war was called "cold" because ______________________. the two sides never officially went to war with each other
What was the main purpose of U.S. foreign policy in the decade following WWII? To prevent communism from spreading to new countries
What was not part of the Cold War? Persian Gulf War
During the Vietnam War, how was North Vietnam different from South Vietnam? North Vietnam was communist; South Vietnam was anti-communist.
Which war took place during the 1950's? Korea Conflict
Communism was successfully contained in what conflict? Korean Conflict
What was the significance of 38 degrees north latitude? It was the line that divided North Korea from South Korea.
The USA helped Japan after WWII by _______________________. rebuilding the country and its infrastructure
True or False? Most victims of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings were soldiers. False
True or False? President Truman ordered atomic bombs to be dropped on Japan to make the war last longer. False
What is the theme that ties The Great Leap Forward, the Cultural Revolution, and Tiananmen Square Massacre together? They all led to fewer freedoms for people of China.
Communism is the opposite of ________________. capitalism
What type of economy would we say that a communist country has? Command
Which of the following is a mass movement to increase steel production and agricultural output by 1972? Great Leap Forward
Which statement best describes a contribution of Mohandas Gandhi to the history of India? He led the struggle for India's independence and equal right for the "untouchables".
Who led the Chinese Communist Party in the early twentieth century? Mao Zedong
Gandhi lead non-violent protests through _______________________. fasting, boycotting British goods, and non-cooperation with British authorities
The purpose of the Cultural Revolution was _____________________. To remove anyone who opposed Mao in China
How did the government deal with the students at Tiananmen Square? The government sent tanks and the army killing thousands.
Which of the following is an example of a communist economy? North Korea
Communism is a system where _____________________________. government divides wealth equally among all citizens
At Tiananmen Square, the students were protesting _____________________________. for more openness and political freedom
Indian nationalism began as a reaction to ____________________. British rule
What was Gandhi's plan of civil disobedience? people should refuse to obey laws they feel are unfair
Which economic system gives more options/variety/choice in the marketplace? Capitalism
Which economic system is a "Planned economy" by a central authority? Command
Which economic system reflects that working hard and highly skilled jobs result in more money being earned? Capitalism
Which economic system is also called free market or market economy? Capitalism
In which economic system is all property owned by the government? Command
Which economic system is often associated with a dictatorship form of government? Command
True or False? In a communist economy, there are many luxury or expensive items available. False
True or False? The Great Leap Forward was a great success for Chairman Mao and re-established his authority in China. False
True or False? Martin Luther King Jr. and Nelson Mandela were greatly inspired by Mohandas Gandhi’s non-violent movement. True
Created by: darcymcfarlane
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