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Social Influence

Psychology A Level Key definitions

Influence a process where people agree/ disagree about appropriate behaviours and maintain or change social norms accordingly
Pathology of power enjoying absolute control
Autonomous state When you are in control and responsible for you actions
Agentic State when you are ready to obey another
Agentic shift going from an autonomous state to an agentic state
Fascism an ideology where people believe in the superiority of one race and want to "cleanse" their nation of undesirable members.
Ideology a system of ideas or ideals
learned helplessness a person puts up with endless discomfort or stress because they feel unable to escape from it.
Social change When society or a significant part of society change its views and adopt new behaviours as the norm
Convergent-divergent theory Nemeth defining it as the minority and majority having different thinking types
Divergent thinking The minority's difference of opinion that is broader and takes in more information leads to better decisions and more creative solutions
Created by: Pur_ple