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5-8 CH. terms


serotonin syndrome life threatening drug reaction caused by excessive serotonin
monoamine oxidase enzyme in the liver,int responsible for desegregation of mono amine neurotransmitters
major depression illness in people, feeling of sadness lasts for weeks
enuresis bed wetting
bipolar disorder illness associated with swings in mood depression----manic
adjunct drug therapy initiated to complement another drug
parkinson's scale norm---- acetycholine\dopamine slant tries o level out
tangles twisted fibers of clumps of protein -tau- interferes with nerve signals
pseudoparkinson's drug induced resembles Parkinson's
plaques substance of protein-beta amyloid- interferes with signals
Parkinson's disease progressive disorder of the nervous system degeneration of dopamic neurons
neuroprotective protects nerves from damage
neurodegenoration destruction of nerves
huntingtin's disease progressive disease of neurons that affect muscle movement & emotions
dementia condition associated with loss of memory
cognitive functions ability to take/remember info
bradykinesia slowing of initiating voluntary movements
apoE4 allele defective apdipoprotein E associated with Alzheimer
Alzheimer disease neurodegenerative disease
acetylolinesterase enzyme that degrades the NT acetylchole
atypical antipsycotic requires blood tests check white BC
tar dive dyskinsia inappropriate posture if the neck&torso involuntary thrust of tongue
schizophrenia type of psychosis of mind paranoid schizo. feel paranoid
psychosis mental state characterized by disorganised behavior loss of touch on reality
postural hypo tension low BP from posture change
positive symptoms hallucinations, deletions symptom of schiz.
necrophiliac malignant syndrome potentially fatal cause admin. of neuroliptic drugs
neuroliptic drug to treat schiz.
negative symptoms sign of schiz. asso. with decrease of thinking, planning, emotions
hallucination voices.visions in the mind
extra pyramidal symptoms excessive muscle movement asso. with neuroliptics
delusion irrational thought that dominate behavior when a person believes in something and will not sway from it
catatonic symptom of schiz. asso. with immobility
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