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Business Letters *

Sales letters and public relations letters

Sales letters messages designed to sell specific products or services. The letter must sell an idea, a point of view, a proposal, or a recommendation.
Public relations letters (PR) do not directly or obviously promote a product or service, or request an order or stress an action. Designed to create goodwill. Specific purpose is to present the compan y in the most favorable way.
Planning a sales letter 1)Determine your market/reader 2)Set your goal. What do you want the readers to do? 3)Why would people want your product? 4)Organize the facts into a good plan
4 possible purposes of a sales letter 1)get new customers 2)make your product interesting to get people to buy them 3)get customer to visit the business 4)get them to try the product or ask questions about it
Buying point explain the appeal
People spend their $ for these reasons for comfort, to make $, to save $, to imitate others, to be unique, for health, for enjoyment, for cleanliness, to avoid effort, to safeguard possessions, to satisfy appetite, to be attractive
the ABCDs of sales letters A = attracting attention, B = building interest and desire, C = convincing the reader, D = directing favorable action
The devices for attractive letters tinted stationery, unusual/clever, letterhead, colored type print, a gimmick, all-capital letters for certain words/sentences, underscore or boldface or italics for key words/phrase, dashes or exclamation points, graphics
The very first sentence should excite curiosity, start a train of thought, attract the reader's attention/get them hook
pertinent questions questions that should not be phrase so that they can be answer with a yes or no
The opening sentence may be either (blank) or (blank) questions or statements
To spur the reader to action, you might: 1)enclose a return envelope or postcard 2) imply "act now before it is too late" 3)offer special inducements for prompt action 4)briefly repeat the advantages to the reader 5)mention that many others have taken advantage of the offer
The "thought" of public relations letters they are written with an eye to the future, with the thought that if you treat your customers well today, they will perhaps buy fromyou tomorrow
The purpose of public relations letters 1)express appreciation to customers for their business 2) to capitalize on some special occasion like the holiday/birthda/anniversary/new productetc 3)offer service to the customer 4)to show concern for the customers and people everywhere
Created by: Tiffastic