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SAC 2 11 PE

Musculoskeletal Injuries, Legal and Illegal Performance Enhancement Methods

Acute Injuries Occur suddenly and usually without warning eg. hamstring strain
Chronic Injuries Associated with overuse over a period of time eg. shin splints
Direct Injuries As a result of an external force; can be caused by collision with another person or direct blow from an implement such as a hockey stick
Indirect Injuries Caused by a sudden change in direction or intensity; where the force required is greater than the load
Overuse Injuries Result from continual performance of some type of movement. Factors include: repetitive nature, insufficient recovery, inappropriate training load, inadequate footwear & inappropriate training surface
Physiological Strategies to Prevent Musculoskeletal Injuries Pre-activity screening, Warm-up & Physical Preparation
What can go wrong in training and recovery? Inadequate pre-participation screening, coaching conduct and practices, program design, activities and equipment, insufficient recovery and environmental conditions
Physical Aids that Support the Musculoskeletal System Protective equipment: Mouth guards, helmets, shin pads Taping and bracing: provide joint stability, confidence, kinesthetic feedback
Osteoporosis Means bone with holes, occurs when bones loose minerals like calcium at a faster rate than they can be absorbed
Arthritis Inflammation of one or more joints.
Osteoarthritis Healthy cartilage that covers the bones break down, causing bones to rub together
Rheumatoid Arthritis Autoimmune disease; body attacks joint capsule which releases synovial fluid that decays the bone.
What makes an Performance enhancing method illegal? Violates the WADA Code, threatens health or safety of the individual and provides a measurable performance enhancement.
Personal reasons for using Illegal performance enhancing methods psychological dependance, self pressure, wanting to keep up with other individuals, being easily influenced by peers, personal pride and need to maintain status of a hero or role model
Sociocultural reasons for using Illegal performance enhancing methods Drug culture, expectations from coach, parents, public etc, products endorsements
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