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pharmacy quiz

1. What information do pharmacists share when counseling patients? D How to take their medications and the possible side effects.
2.Which of the following can a pharmacy technician do? C Diabetic teaching.
3. What are the four major categories of retail stores? B Chain, grocery stores, mass merchandisers, and independents.
4.What is a satellite pharmacy? C A mini-pharmacy in a special nursing unit in the hospital.
5. Why is it so important that we refrain from gossiping about our customers or patients? A Because all information is confidential.
6. Why is the route of the drug so important? A Because it affects how quickly it will start working.
7.What does an antagonist do? A Blocks the receptor, so the desired chemical cannot attach.
8.Which is the primary organ for eliminating drugs? B Kidneys.
9.What is the definition of therapeutic effect? A It is where the dose is safe and effective.
10.Which of the following is an example of a mild side effect? D Drowsiness.
11.Why was the Poison Prevention Packaging Act (PPPA) enacted? D To ensure the safety of children.
12.What is the correct way to order schedule II drugs? A By using a DEA222 form.
13.Which piece of legislation was brought about because of the thalidomide disaster? A Kefauver-Harris Amendment of 1962.
14.Why was HIPAA enacted? A To keep your health information private and confidential.
15.When did HIPAA compliance have to be in place? C 2004.
16.Why did Larry have the pharmacist check his floor stock list? A To verify that everything pulled was accurate.
17.What is the purpose of the "want list"? D To replace items that are running low or have run out.
18.Why did Jessie ask for Mrs. Johns’ date of birth? C Because she is required to enter age as one form of proof of identity.
19.Whom do you work with as a hospital technician? B Nurses, pharmacists, and pharmacy personnel.
20.What information can Larry share over the phone? C Standard times for dosing schedules
21.What is cholecystitis? D Inflammation of the gall bladder
22.What does tachycardia mean? C Fast heart.
23. What does nephrectomy mean? A Removal of a kidney.
24.What is neuralgia? B Pain in the nerves.
25.What does O.S. BID mean? B Left eye twice a day.
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