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Module 3 Final


cholingergic drugs (increase acetylcholine) bethanechol pilocarpine metoclopramide donepezil pyrostigmine physostigmine
cholinergic crisis (dumbbells) Diaphoresis urination miosis bradycardia bronchoconstriction emesis lacrimation lethargy salivation
edrophonium Tensilon test for Myasthenia Gravis
anti-cholinergic drugs atropine
anti-cholinergic antidote Physostigmine
cholinergic drugs mimic PNS "rest and digest" indicated for urinary retention glaucoma
antidote for cholinergic crisis Atropine
antidote for anticholinergics Physostigmine
cholinergic drugs are contraindicated in asthma/COPD (bronchocontriction)
Pilocarpine (Cholinergic) constrict pupils
Bethanechol (cholinergic) contricts/tones bladder- free to pee
Metochlopramide cholinergic speeds up gastric emptying
rest and digest (wet) cholinergic drugs increase salivation increase gastric secretion increase peristalsis HR decreases pupils constrict bronchials contrict bladder contracts- free to pee
anti-cholinergic effects (fight or flight) mimics CNS decrease secretions- dry can't see, can't pee, can't spit, can't poop
Scopolamine (Anticholinergic) patch behind ear used to treat motion sickness and preoperatively to prevent aspiration
Benztropine (Anti Parkinson Drug) treat Parkinson's (decrease tremors and rigidity) treat drug induced EPS
Atropine (anticholinergic) preoperatively to reduce secretions and motion sickness
anticholinergic toxicity "Hot as a hare (temp) red as a beet (flushing) dry as a bone mad as a hatter (confusion) blind as a bat (dilated pupils)." treat with physostigmine
anticholinergic effects can't see, can't pee, can't spit, can't poop means dilated pupils, urinary retention, dry mouth & skin, decreased GI motility
another word for pupil dilation (anticholinergic effect) mydriasis
anitcholinergic drugs are contraindicated in myasthenia gravis (would make weaker) and glaucoma
signs that anti parkinson drugs not working symptoms not controlled: rigidity mask stooped tremors pill rolling
End of dose/ on- off syndrome drugs stop working close to the time of the next scheduled also progression of disease- severe symptoms
MAOIs used to treat parkinson's selegiline and rasagiline Cheese effect - tyramines
Tolterodine (anticholinergic) is used to treat urinary frequency urgency and incontinence
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