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Module 2 Final


opioid antagonist used to reverse opioid toxicity and overdose Naloxone
an opioid-agonist that is 7x stronger than morphine hydromorphone
an opioid agonist that is a 100 more potent than morphine fentanyl
an opioid agonist that is not recommeded for long term pain control due to the risk of seizures meperidine
The dosage of acetaminophen allowed in a 24 hr period in patients with liver disesase and alcoholics 2000 mg
The dosage of acetaminophen allowed in a 24 hr period by the makers of Tylenol 3000 mg for chronic
The amount fo acetaminophen allowed in a 24 hour period by the FDA 4000 mg for acute
The most common adverse effect of NSAIDs gastric ulceration
The most common sign of salicylate in adults tinnitis and central nervous system effects
An adverse effect of aspirin administration to children and teenagers with flu-like symptoms Reye's syndrome
An antigout medication used to prevent acute gout attacks colchicine allopurinol
Nitrates are not swallowed because of large hepatic 1st pass.
nitroglycerin dinitrite- isosorbide dinitrite-mononitrite-nitrates
Nitrate routes of administration sublingual intravenous (ICU only) ointment transdermal patch
Nitrate mechanism of action generalized vascular and coronary vasodilation -dilate veins >> arteries. reduces preload
Nitrate drug interactions erectile dysfunction drugs end with "denafil"
contraindications of nitrates Allergy
adverse effects of nitrates headache normal (vasodilation) hypotension tachycardia- postural hypotension dizziness-weakness (take laying down at home)
acute myocardial infarction treatment NAOMI
NAOMI nitroglycerin aspirin oxygen morphine intervention stents
PCA pump patient controlled analgesic administered intravenously with a machine
patient teaching with PCA pump only the patient pushes the button- must be mentally able
assessments for PCA pump RR
maximum safe doses of acetaminophen for alcoholic or liver disease patients are lower 2000mg
liver toxicity (hepatoxicity) is a common adverse effect of acetaminophen
Antidote for Acetaminophen acetylcysteine- IV better tolerated smells like rotten egss
S/S of acetaminophen toxicity (hepatoxicity) urine is dark tea colored. elevated liver enzymes. jaundice (sclera of eyes)
s/s of GI bleeding Dark tarry stools. Coffee ground emesis. Bright red rectal bleeding. Fatigue. Pallor. severe abdominal pain
black box warning for NSAIDs (excluding aspirin) GI risk .cardiovascular risk/ can cause MI and stroke
when administering NSAIDs assess patient history for recent GI ulcers and renal function
aspirin (NSAID) helps prevent heart attack strokes prevents platelet aggregation
signs of salycilate toxicity & treatment tinnitus CNS effects hyperventilation discontinue treatment activated charcoal
toxic level of salycilate (aspirin) greater than 30 mg/ dL
Celecoxib (Celebrex) NSAID (COX-2 Inhibitor)doesn't impact stomach lining contraindicated in heart disease
NSAID better for older adults because of increase GI ulceration and GI bleeding more common celecoxib (COX-2 inhibitor) does not impact COX 1
anit-gout medications allopurinol colchicine probenecid
common adverse effect of NSAIDs GI ulceration GI bleeding
NSAIDS aspirin ibuprofen ketorolac celecoxib
opiod antagonist Naloxone
Allopurinol for cute attacks or long term. prevents uric acid production
cholchicine acute attacks. short term causes leukopenia. decreases inflammatory response to urate crystal deposits in joints
Probenecid Inhibits reabsorption of uric acid. increasing elimination of uric acid in the urine
general education for anti gout medication increase intake of fluid to 3L if not contraindicated. avoid caffeine and alcohol (increase production of uric acid) avoid foods high in purines (organ meats alcohol especially beer)
common Opioid Analgesics codeine, fentanyl, hydromorphone, mereperidine, methadone, morphine, oxycodone
fatal opioid drug interaction CNS depressants
Opioid drug interactions MAOIs alcohol, antihistimines, barbiurates, benzodiazepines, phenothiazine, centrally acting muscle relaxers (cyclobenzaprine) other CNS depressants
contraindication of opioids severe asthma
adverse effects of opiods Constipation Orthostatic hypotension Urinary retention N/V Resp depression bradycardia hypotension sedation dry mouth
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