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path ch 11

pathology ch 11 repro

Cardiovascular syphilis appears how on x-ray? dilated aortic aneurism or linear calcification of the aortic wall
Skeletal syphilis appears how on x-ray? chronic osteomyelitis
“the clap” is also known as: gonorrhea
Radiographic appearance of gonorrhea: septic arthritis, joint erosion, joint space narrowing.
BPH is seen how radiographically? on IVP- elevated smooth impression on the bladder floor and “fish hook” appearance of distal ureters
Carcinoma of the prostate is seen how radiographically? on IVP- elevated bladder floor with irregular contour
What happens if PID is not treated? fibrous adhesions may form obstructing the portion of the tubes near the uterus
Pyosalpinx the filling of the fallopian tubes with pus
Hydrosalpinx the filling of the fallopian tubes with a watery fluid
What is the modality of choice for PID? ultrasound
What can be seen on an HSG fir PID? patency of the fallopian tubes
These are usually metastatic tumors that arise in the breast colon and stomach ovarian
What is the best way to image ovarian tumors? ultrasound and CT
Alternate name for uterine fibroids leiomyomas
Leiomyoma smooth muscle tumor
Uterine fibroid growth is stimulated by what hormone? estrogen
This pathology has a “popcorn” appearance leiomyomas or uterine fibroids
uterine fibroids will appear how on x-ray? they appear as a characteristic mottled calcification or smooth or lobulated mass
radiographic appearance of endometriosis ureteral obstruction at the pelvic brim on IVP
2nd most common cancer in women related to chronic irritation and infection cervical carcinoma
Radiographic appearance of cervical carcinoma hydronephrosis on IVP or solid mass behind the bladder on ultrasound
A typical breast cancer tumor may appear: poorly defined, irregular margins, numerous fine linear strands
Polyhydramnios excessive accumulation of amniotic fluid
Oligohydramnios a very small volume of amniotic fluid
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