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Intro to SE Asia

Quiz - Intro to SE Asia

The cultural influence in Asia has been from which 3 groups? Indian, Chinese, Western
Name a city state of SE Asia. Singapore
The huge lake located in Myanmar where you can learn to leg-row is _______________. Inle Lake
Marco Polo was impressed with the city of Bogan and called it "the guilded city" because of _________________________. the many beautiful Buddhist temples
Komodo dragons can be found ___________________. in Komodo National Park
What is the name of the Indian River that is heavily polluted? The Ganges River
The Ganges flows through what major countries? India and Bangladesh
The Huang He River (Yellow River) has the nickname of ___________. China's Sorrow
Why is the Huang He River nicknamed "China's Sorrow?" It is called "China's Sorrow" because of it's frequent flooding which causes many deaths.
The Yangtze River is the largest/longest in _______________ and it is important because it provides hydroelectricity, water for irrigation, and transportation. China
What ocean lies between Africa to the west, Asia to the north, Australia to the east, and the Southern Ocean to the south? Indian Ocean
What body of water lies between China and Korea and has the Yellow River empty into it? Yellow Sea
What important river flows south through China, Vietnam, and 4 other countries before emptying into the South China Sea (it has rich farmland and rice is grown there)? Mekong River
The ______________ Desert is Asia's largest desert. Gobi
The ____________________ Desert is located in China and is over 600 miles long. Taklimakan
This physical feature is sometimes called "the rooftop of the world" and stretches for 200 miles. Himalayan Mountains
Which landform has been divided into 2 countries since 1948 and is located attached to NE China and found between the Yellow Sea and Sea of Japan? Korean Peninsula
India is a ___________________ which means it is a large land area that is mostly separate from the rest of Asia. subcontinent
The Himalayan Mountains is created from __________________ that are crashing into another. tectonic plates
______________________ is the world's largest democracy. India
________________________ has the world's largest population China
A _______________________ is a landform that is surrounded on three sides by water. peninsula
Created by: darcymcfarlane
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