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Block III Study Guid

Block III Study Guide

a measurement of altitude above a specific land mass Above Ground Level (AGL)
a measurement of the average height of the surface of the sea for all stages of the tide Above Mean Sea Level (AMSL)
area of airspace over land or water within which the ready identification, location, and control of aircraft are required in the interest of national security Air Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ)
a facility established to provide air traffic control service to aircraft operating on IFR flight plans within controlled airspace and principally during the en route phase of flight Air Route Traffic Control Center (ARTCC)
a military unit (ROCC/SOCC/AWACS) primarily used for air defense, including air sovereignty and counter-drug operations; are the only MRUs authorized to direct interception Air Defense Control Facility (ADCF)
an authorization by air traffic control, for the purpose of preventing collision between known aircraft, for an aircraft to proceed under specified traffic conditions within controlled airspace Air Traffic Clearance
a service operated by appropriate authority to promote the safe, orderly and expeditious flow of air traffic Air Traffic Control (ATC)
used as an extension of a military radar unit during planned exercises and daily training missions Airborne Radar Unit (ARU)
defined vertical/lateral limits, assigned by ATC, for the purpose of providing air traffic segregation between the specified activities being conducted within the assigned airspace and other IFR air traffic ATC Assigned Airspace (ATCAA)
US Navy fixed ground facility which manages offshore and inland operating areas including warning areas, restricted areas and other assigned airspace Fleet Area Control and Surveillance Facility (FACSFAC)
a level of constant atmospheric pressure related to a reference datum of 29.92 inches of mercury; each is stated in three digits that represent hundreds of feet Flight Level (FL)
SUA of defined vertical and lateral dimensions est. outside Class A airspace to separate/segregate certain non-hazardous military activities from IFR traffic in controlled airspace and to identify for VFR traffic where these activities are conducted Military Operations Area (MOA)
any fixed or mobile ground based unit under the operational jurisdiction of the mil services excluding commissioned ATC facilities; will provide services IAW the letter of agreement with the appropriate ATC facilities-will not provide actual ATC services Military Radar Unit (MRU)
only those aircraft engaged in the activity being conducted Participating Aircraft
airspace designated under 14 CFR, Part 73 within which no person may operate an aircraft without the permission of the using agency Prohibited Area
the term an air traffic controller uses to inform the transferring controller that the target being transferred is identified on the radar display Radar Contact
special use airspace under 14 CFR, Part 73 within which the flight of aircraft, while not wholly prohibited, is subject to restriction Restricted Area
airspace of defined dimensions identified by an area on the surface of the earth wherein activities must be confined because of their nature, and/or wherein limitations may be imposed upon aircraft operations that are not a part of those activities Special Use Airspace (SUA)
routes used by the Department of Defense and associated Reserve and Air Guard units for the purpose of conducting low altitude navigation and tactical training under VFR at airspeeds in excess of 250 KIAS below 10,000 feet MSL Victor Routes (VR)
airspace of defined dimensions, ext. 3nm outward from coast of the US, contains activity that may be hazardous to nonparticip aircraft; purpose is to warn nonparticipating pilots of the potential danger; may be located over domestic or intl waters or both Warning Area
a term used over a voice page hot line to alert a controlling agency that a spill out situation is imminent Whiskey Alert
Request for confirmation of bearing and range from own ship to a described point Alpha Check
Fighter, FAC, mission package, or agency will be performing exactly as stated by the air tasking order As Fragged
To request or provide a response for a coded challenge Authenticate
System indicated is inoperative Bent
Fuel state needed for recovery Bingo
No visual contact with friendly aircraft; opposite of term "VISUAL” Blind
A radar/visual contact whose identity is unknown Bogey
Request for target information as reqested or closest group in BRAA with appropriate fill-ins Bogey Dope
Radio Frequency is becoming saturated/degraded or jammed and briefer transmissions must follow Brevity
An established reference point from which the position of an object can be referenced by bearing and range from this point Bullseye
Directive call to establish a combat air patrol at a specific point Cap
Turn ( ) degrees left/right and maintain new heading Check (left/right)
Friendly fighter aircraft Chicks
No sensor information on non-friendly aircraft of interest; no visible battle damage; aircraft no carrying external stores Clean
Call to initiate a turn in the CAP away from the anticipated threats; groups heading away from friendly aircraft; attack geometry will result in a pass or roll out behind the target; defined area is not expected to receive fire Cold
Sensor contact at the stated positon; Acknowledges sighting of a specified reference point; individual radar return within a group or arm Contact
Radar contact is lost on a non-friendly aircraft/surface contact and any positional information given is estimated Faded
Flying over water/land Feet Wet/Dry
Set cockpit switches as appropriate prior to entering/exiting the combat area Fence
Directive call to fly stated heading Flow
Response to a declare request indicating known bandits and friendlies in close proximity Furball
Alert of an activity of interest Heads Up
call to init turn in CAP twd anticipated thrts; groups hdng twd frndly a/c; ordnance employment intended or completed; defined area expected to rcv fire; 16-18 AA from tail or 0-20* angle from nose; intercept geo will result in passing in front of target Hot
Perform indicated maneuver simultaneously In Place
Fuel state above Bingo at which separation/bugout/event termination should begin Joker
Aircrew does not have visual contact with the target/bandit; opposite of term "TALLY" No Joy
IFF/SIF transponder Parrot
Amount of time aircraft can remain on station Playtime
Flying in clouds or area of reduced visibility Popeye
Request for position; response normally in terms of a geographic landmark, or off a common reference point Posit
Switch to designated frequency; no acknowledgement required Push
Indicates aircrew understands the radio transmission; does not indicate compliance or reaction Roger
Time line adjustments in minutes always referenced from original preplanned mission execution time Rolex
Fly at best endurance Saunter
Invalid/no response to an administrative IFF/SIF check; (Timber) indicates there are potential problems with net entry and initiates pre-mission link troubleshooting Sour
Operate IFF as indicated or IFF is operating as indicated Squawk
Bogey is responding with an IFF/SIF mode or code other than that prescribed by the ATO/identification criteria Squawking
Valid response to an administrative IFF/SIF check request; (Timber) confirms receipt of data link information Sweet
Positive radar contact with element/aircraft Tied
Cannot comply as requested or directed Unable
UHF/AM radio Uniform
VHF/AM radio Victor
sighting of a friendly aircraft or ground position Visual
System indicated is fully operative Well
Request for results of missions or tasks What Luck
Request for amount of fuel and missiles remaining What State
Will comply with received instructions Wilco
No ordnance remaining Winchester
What does LOA stand for? Letter of Agreement
State aircraft assumes responsibility for own deconfliction with all other aircraft Due Regard
What does FAA stand for? Federal Aviation Administration
What does FLIP stand for? Flight Information Publication
When one agency hands off to another agency the control of aircraft (totally made that definition up... just know that it was in Jepardy and be able to recognize it) Transfer of Flight
What does MARSA stand for? Military Assumes Responsibility for Separation of Aircraft
What does IFR stand for? Instrument Flight Rules
Magnetic Bearing and Range to Homeplate Pigeons
Home airfield or carrier Homeplate
Created by: ercafr
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