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west africa but fun

prefer study guides? i didnt think so

mineral resources in west africa included_______ salt and gold
_______ shows west africans relied on nature for survival animisim
_________ had the biggest impact on west africa technology and trade
a _____ ensured that trading was peaceful and quiet and the mines location remained secret silent barter
by taking away power from local chiefs and leaders_____ gained power sundiata
by letting angry miners keep their religion _______ was religiously tolerant mansa musa
_____________ were the two most important factors in a village work and family
______ was carried south and ______ was carried north salt,gold
masses of songhai people being sold into slavery was NOT a factor of the songhai empires fall
west africa left no ________ _____________ of its own written histories
________ rulers were smart buisnessmen who took advantage of oppurtunities ghanas
both _____ and ___ lived along the fertile soil of the niger river ghana,mali
men and woman in a village were most loyal to __________ and ______________ extended family, ages sets
catostrophic droughts and famine DID NOT contribute to the fall of the ____ mali
______ brought peace and stablility to the songhai sunni ali
______ was most useful for clearing land and using as weapons iron
people settled in villages as a result of the _____________ climate change
beacause of ____ you could travel the desert in more distance and in a shorter amount of time camels
herds of animals ____ ghanas cultivated land overgrazed
________ didnt outlaw any religions mansa musa
most mali rulers after sundiata were _____ muslim
west africa spread in 500 b.c because they could use iron tools
askia the great invented government offices and a pro fessional__________ army
_______________ invaded songhai for its gold and salt morrocco
___ grew beacause thier farmers could produce plenty of food ghana
traditional west african crops were dates and ______ kola nuts
Created by: NAVY EOD GUY