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Ch 11 math terms

anticoagulant substance that stops or delays the clotting of blood
high-alert medications medications that have a higher risk of causing significant harm to a patient if dosed or used incorrectly
international unit / Unit a specific unit of measurement used for biologicals; describes a standard amount of an individual drug that can produce a given biologic effect specific to that drug alone; a measurement of a medication's action as opposed to it's weight; units of one substance are not equivalent to the same number of units of another substance
Patent open and unobstructed as in IV lines or blood vessels
medications such as heparin, insulin, and penicillin measured in international units
also measured in units fat-soluble vitamin E, some forms of Vitamins A and D, and topical antibiotic bacitracin
parenteral medications in units labels display the specific number of units per milliliter
True/False Unit amounts are not interchangeable between different medications True each medication unit is SPECIFIC to the drug ordered and represents a standard amount of that particular medication that produces a desired biologic effect
insulin and heparin are considered high-alert medications on the ISMP List of High-Alert Medications
unit measurement gives the information concerning the strength of medication in a given drug form, such as volume for liquids
insulin U-100 100 units / mL
insulin prescribed and measured in units
U-100 insulin syringes are used to administer U-100 insulin only *NO OTHER SYRINGE IS BASED IN UNITS FOR U-100 INSULIN
in an insulin emergency a tuberculin syringe can be used for U-100 insulins because it is also calibrated in hundredths of milliliters
U-500 insulin syringes only for use with U-500 insulin
sizes available for insulin syringes of U-100 30-unit, 50-unit, and 100-unit sizes
30-unit and 50-unit U-100 syringes calibrated in 1 unit measurements to make it easier to see for patients with vision problems
an abbreviation of "R" for regular insulin indicates it is a clear solution and is short-acting
an abbreviation of "N" for NPH insulin indicates it is a cloudy suspension and is intermediate-acting with a slower onset and a longer duration of action
all insulin formulations can be administered subcutaneously
only regular insulin and some rapid-acting analogs are indicated for IV use
when mixing two types of insulin in one syringe for subcutaneous administration one must be clear short- or rapid-acting insulin and the other a cloudy longer-acting suspension
rule when drawing up two different types of insulin in one syringe for subcutaneous administration draw up clear before cloudy (so regular must be drawn up in a syringe before NPH, which is a suspension)
True/False Different sources of insulin cannot be mixed in the same syringe True If different types of insulin need to be administered at the same time, the same source of the insulin, such as DNA or recombinant sources, must be used together
Lantus and Levemir are two long-acting insulins that can NEVER be mixed with any other type of insulin
70/30 means that in each dose of insulin, 70% is NPH insulin and 30% is regular insulin
doses for heparin highly individualized based on body weight and blood coagulation laboratory values
since heparin prolongs bleeding time, the time it takes to clot accuracy is of the utmost importance
a dose of heparin that is larger than necessary may cause hemorrhage
an insufficient dose of heparin may not produce the necessary results to prevent clot formation and possible thrombi
heparin doses should be administered using 1-mL tuberculin syringes for the greatest accuracy
example of a low molecular weight heparin (LMWH) measured in units Fragmin / dalteparin
example of a low molecular weight heparin (LMWH) measured in mg Lovenox / enoxaparin
LMWH do not have the short half-life of heparin and are administered subcutaneously
heparin is available in 10 units/mL (pediatric heparin lock flush), 100 units/mL (heparin lock flush), 1000 units/mL, 5000 units/mL, 10,000 units/mL, and 20,000 units/mL
heparin may be used as a flush for an IV injection site to keep it patent, as an IV infusion additive, or as a deep subcutaneous injection into fatty tissue
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