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DEA forms

Ch 2, pharm tech

True/ False Every facility that dispenses controlled substances must be registered with the DEA True
DEA Form 224 pharmacy registers with the DEA by submitting a DEA Form 224; must be renewed every 3 years
DEA Form 222 DEA order form for schedule II medications; DEA Form 222 can is a triplicate order form or can be submitted electronically; must be signed by the individual in whose name the DEA registration is listed; must be retained in pharmacy for a minimum of 2 years
Schedule III, IV, or V drugs may be ordered by any method (written, faxed, or verbal); after receipt, the invoice must be stamped with a red C and retained for a minimum of two years
DEA records must be maintained for a minimum of two years and kept separately from other invoices so they are readily retrievable within 72 hours if a DEA representative makes the request
Red C must be stamped on Schedule III, IV, and V prescriptions and medication invoices if they are filed with other invoices
initial inventory a complete and accurate inventory of all controlled substances before the opening of the first day of business for a pharmacy
biennial inventory taken every 2 years after initial inventory is taken; must be an exact count for Schedule II and an estimated count for Schedule III to V; records kept for 2 years
perpetual inventory shows actual number of of units of drug at a particular moment of time
return of Controlled Substances can be returned only between DEA registrants; DEA Form 222 is the official document for the transfer of Schedule II medications
DEA Form 41 destruction of outdated or damaged Controlled Substances; indicating the name, strength, and quantities of controlled substances, the date of destruction, method of destruction, and witnesses present for destruction
DEA Form 41 in setting a retail pharmacy may submit one DEA Form 41 each year; a letter must be sent to the DEA for approval, along with the completed Form 41, at least two weeks before destruction
DEA Form 41 in hospital setting hospitals may have "blanket authorization" allowing them to destroy a controlled substance multiple times throughout the year
DEA Form 106 must be completed after the discovery of a theft of controlled substances and the pharmacy must notify the nearest DEA diversion office and local police
copies of DEA Form 106 pharmacy must send the original copy of the DEA Form 106 to the DEA and retain one copy for its records
DEA Form 510 retail pharmacies that want to engage in wholesale distribution of bulk quantities of drugs containing PSE, phenylpropanolamine, or ephedrine must register with the DEA Form 510
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