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Nigeria Ch 11

Nigeria Chapter 11

an Islamic terrorist organization operating in northern Nigeria Boko Haram
the weather patterns over an extended period of time climate
fighting between two or more ethnic groups in one nation civil war
an area where sediment is deposited by a river delta
a grassland located in a tropical wet and dry climate zone savanna
many ethnic groups located in a country diverse
a river that can be traveled by vessel navigable
a person of faith sent to spread a religion to other people missionary
dry wind blowing from the northeast carrying dust from the Sahara harmattan
power within the government is divided among the national government, state governments, and local governments federal government
an economy that is broadened to focus on other resources and industries instead of just one industry, such as oil diversified economy
roads, railways, and communication systems to help move people and goods throughout the country infrastructure
a growing film industry that has been nicknamed in Nigeria Nollywood
Nigeria's currency or money naira
an arrangement where 2 nations have representatives in each other's country diplomatic relations
an overthrow of the government by military forces military coup
the obligation to share information with citizens transparency
a climate where the monthly average temperatures are above 64 degrees F all year and a dry season occurs in winter followed by a rainy season that begins in May. tropical savanna climate
having variety diverse
What was the Biafra movement and who was involved? The Igbo people of East declared independent state of Biafra causing 30-month civil war; 3 billion Biafran people died as a result. Christians and Muslims/Igbo people were involved.
How does Nigeria gain most of its wealth? oil
Why have there been conflicts that have occurred in Nigeria since independence? Religious and ethnic differences among Christians and Muslims and other peoples of Nigeria
What is the capital of Nigeria and where is it located? The capital is Abuja and it is located in the center of the country.
What are Nigeria’s 3 major ethnic groups? Hausa, Yoruba, and Igbo
What is Nigeria’s biggest economic challenge? Developing a diversified economy is the biggest challenge as most Nigerians live in poverty and have not benefitted from the country’s oil wealth.
How is the leader of Nigeria chosen and what are some of his/her duties? The president is chosen by citizens. He is the head of government and head of state; he also appoints people to the Federal Executive Council (cabinet) and appoints justices to the Supreme Court.
What vegetable does Nigeria lead the world in producing? Yams
What is Nollywood? It is the Nigerian movie industry; they make 1000 movies/year and it is the largest employer after agriculture in Nigeria. It makes up 5% of Nigerian GDP.
How has the discovery of oil in Nigeria been positive? Nigeria makes a large amount of money from the industry and is part of OPEC. They have used money from oil to improve their infrastructure, roadways, RR, and communication systems.
How has the discovery of oil in Nigeria been negative? Problems associated with oil include corruption of government members and the people not benefitting from it (extreme poverty despite the country being oil rich).
What is Nigeria’s nickname and why is it that? It is called the Giant of Africa because of its large population and economy.
What are some challenges Nigeria has faced since independence? Religious conflict between Muslims/Christians, terrorism, government corruption, and oil pollution.
What is the name of Nigeria’s cabinet? Federal Executive Council (executive branch)
Where can Nigeria be found on a map of Africa? West coast of Africa
In what ways is Nigeria trying to improve their economy? They are diversifying their economy particularly through telecommunication industry, financial services, cement; they are improving their infrastructure to make trade easier.
What four countries border Nigeria? Cameroon, Chad, Benin, and Niger
What are the major religions of Nigeria? Christianity, Islam, indigenous beliefs
What type of government does Nigeria have? Federal presidential republic
What two major rivers flow through Nigeria? Niger River and Benue River
Who was Nigeria’s first leader after independence and what was his title? Abubakar Tafawa Balewa, the first Nigerian-elected prime minister
What body of water borders Nigeria on the south? Atlantic Ocean (Gulf of Guinea)
What is the name of the legislative branch of Nigeria’s government? National Assembly
Who is Nigeria’s current leader? Muhammadu Buhari
Created by: darcymcfarlane
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