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plate techtonics g9

dynamic earth

What is the inner core? The inner core is a solid mettalic sphere which is 2432 km thick. It is composed of iron, nickel and other elements.
what is the outer core? The outer core surrounds the inner core and is a thick mobile liquid. It is 2270 km thick and is composed of mainly iron and lighter elements suck as sulphur and oxygen.
What is the oceanic and continental crust? The oceanic crust is covered by our planets oceans 5-10 km thick and composed of Basalt. The continental crust is the land we live on 30-40 km thick and composed of is thought to be similiar to granite.
What is the mantle? The mantle is a thick plastic-like layer that is capable to flow. It is 2885 km thick and composed of silicate minerals that are rich in iron and magnesium.
What is the asthenosphere? The upper mantle zone is called the asthenosphere. Above the asthenosphere is the solid, rigid outer portion of the earth. The lithosphere consists of the crust and the upper most mantle.
What was Wegeners theory of Continental drift? Wegner proposed that a super continent existed over 200 million years ago. About 100 million years ago this supper continent started to break up into smaller land masses.
What is the Evidence of Wegners theory? Similarities between the coastlines of south America and Africa; he then proceded to make a crude jigsaw fit of all the continents. There where also fossils appeared through out the continent which would fit together if all the continents were together.
Created by: montykfb