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The Odyssey Review

Intro to Greek Myth & The Odyssey Review

Why do people still read Greek mythology today? To appreciate other cultures, understand their explanations, and better understand our daily references to Greek mythology
This type of myth describes a natural process or event Explanation myth
This type of myth describes how the world or universe came into being. Creation myth
Greek gods are NOT always Physically larger than humans
Which of the following is the home of the Greek Olympian Gods? Mt. Olympus
In Greek mythology, ________________ is the god who oversees the underworld. Hades
The _____________________ overthrew the Titans and are also their children Olympians
The term "classical mythology" refers to Greek and Roman mythology
 The Odyssey is believed to be a tale passed down from generation to generation through… oral tradition
Which is NOT an attribute of an epic poem? It is written in prose
Ultimately, what was used to win the Trojan War? A large wooden horse
Homer was not Odysseus's friend
Approximately when was The Odyssey believed to have been written? 700 BC
What danger does the Lotus pose to Odysseus and his crew? Consuming the Lotus plant will cause them to lose all desire to return home
What is the name of the Cyclops with whom Odysseus and his crew contend? Polyphemus
Which best describes the Cyclops’ attitude toward Zeus? disregard
How do Odysseus and his crew defeat the Cyclops? They get him drunk and poke his eye out.
 To whom does the Cyclops pray after Odysseus taunts him? Poseidon
What danger comes about by Odysseus taunting the Cyclopes? They are almost washed ashore from the boulder and Odysseus is marked for revenge.
Why do Odysseus’ crew members open the bag of wind? They think it is filled with treasure
Why are Odysseus and his crew treated so well during their first visit to Aiolia Island? The custom of hospitality
Logically, why does Eurylochos distrust Circe? He fears that it's a trap and is distrustful based on past experiences
What does Circe initially turn Odysseus’ crew members into? pigs
 Which god provides Odysseus with a plant that gives him immunity from Circe’s spell? Hermes
 According to Circe, where must Odysseus travel next before returning home? The underworld
Which of the following best describes the lesson Circe strives to teach Odysseus before he        departs her island? Accept fate and do not try to fight impossible battles
What danger does Scylla pose to Odysseus and his crew? She will pluck one man from the ship for each of her 6 heads
Which god did Odysseus’ crew anger after they ate his immortal cattle? Helios
How does Odysseus’ crew ultimately die? Their ship is struck by Zeus’ lightning bolt
Created by: amyrecob
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