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Exam #3 Terms

Pharmacology Exam #3 Terms

Addiction Physical and/or psychological dependence on a substance,especially alcohol or drugs, with the use of increasing amounts and withdrawl reactions
Adjuvant A drug added to a prescription to hasten or enhance the action of a principal ingredient
Analgesics Medications that alleviate pain
Antidepressants Medication used to treat patients with various types of depression. Also known as mood elevators.
Antifungal Medication used in the treatment of canididal and other specific susceptible fungi
Anti-infective Medication used in the treatment of infections. Includes antibiotics, anti fungals and antivirals
Anti-Inflammatory Medication used to relieve inflammation
Antipyretic Medication used to reduce fever
Antiviral agent Medication used to treat viruses; HIV or Herpes
Anxiolytics Anti-anxiety medications (tranquilizers) used for the short term treatment of anxiety disorders, neurosis,psychosomatic disorders and insomnia
Bipolar Disorder Manic-depressive mental disorders in which the mood fluctuates from mania to depression
Coanalgesic Non opioid analgesic drugs that are combined with opioids for more effective analgesic action in relief of acute or chronic pain
Dependence Acquired need for a drug after repeated use, may be psychological,with craving and emotional changes or physical with body changes and withdrawl symptoms
Empiric Best guess therapy based on history and available clinical informatics
Hypnotics Drugs that promote sleep
Opioid agonist Analgesics, controlled substances whose action is similar to opium in altering the perception of pain. Natural or synthetic
Opioid antagonist Drugs used in the treatment of opioid overdoses and in the operating room, delivery room and newborn nursery for opiate induced respiratory depressio
Otitis Media Most common type of otic infection located in the middle region of the ear
Paradoxial Opposite effect from that expected
Placebo Effect Relief from pain as the result of suggestion without active medication
Psychotropic Any substance that acts on the mind
Sedatives Controlled substances used to promote sedation in smaller doses and some may be used to promote sleep in larger doses
Subjective Perceived by the individual not observable by others
Superinfection A new infection with different resistant bacteria or fungi. Usually associated with certain types of antibiotic therapy
Tinnitus Ringing in the ears
Tolerance Decreased response to a drug after repeated dosage; greater amount of the drug are required for the same affect
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