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75 Common Medication

75 Common Medications

Imodium A-D antidiarrheal
Zanax antianxiety
Motrin NSAID
Afrin nasal decongestant
Lasix diuretic
Norflex muscle relaxant
Tagamet antacid/acid reducerantihistamine
Tylenol analgesic/antipyteric
Glucophage antidiabetic
Lisinopril antihypertensive/ACE inhibitor
Albuterol bronchodilator
Diflucan antifungal
Toradol NSAID
Rocephin antibiotic
Zithromax antibiotic
Flagyl antibiotic
Bactrim antibiotic
Lamisil aqntifungal
Synthroid hormone replacement (thyroid)
Lipitor antihyperlipidemic
Norvasc vasodilator/antihypertensive/calcium channel blocker
Premarin hormone replacement (estrogen)
Lopressor antihypertensive/beta blocker
Viagra vasodilator/anti-hypertensive
Accupril ACE inhibitor/anti-hypertensive
Dilantin anticonvulsant
Symbicort bronchodilator/corticosteroid
Spiriva bronchdilator
Prevacid antacid
Zoloft antidepressant/antianxiety
Paxil antidepressant/anxiety
Phenergan antiemetic/antihistamine/sedative
Ativan anxiety/anticonvulsant
Ritalin CNS stimulant
Effexpr antidepressant/antianxiety
Plavix anticoagulant
Celebrex NSAID
Boniva calcium regulator
Ambien sedative/hypnotic
Vicodin narcotic analgesic
Oxycodone narcotic analgesic
Fioricet narcotic analgesic
Lortab narcotic analgesic
Nystatin antifungal
Cleocin antibiotic
Depo-Provera contraceptive
Ortho Tri-Cyclen oral contraceptive
Abilify antipsychotic
Lyrica analgesic/anticoagulant
Coumadin anticoagulant
Yaz oral contraceptive
Aranelle oral contraceptive
Crestor antihypertensive
Advair bronchodilator
Vyvance CNS stimulant
Januvia antidiabetic
Humira TNF inhibitor/anti-inflammatory
Alesse oral contraceptive
Imitrex vasoconstrictor/analgesic
Gabapentin anticonvulsant/analgesic
Norco narcotic analgesic
Fentanyl narcotic analgesic
Flexeril muscle relaxant
Zocor antihyperlipidemic
Tessalon Perles antitussive
Lidocaine anesthetic
Lomotil narcotic antidiarrheal
Reglan antiemetic
Zovirax antiviral
Proventil bronchodilator
Syrup of Ipecac emetic
Valium muscle relaxant/antianxiety/sedative
Warfarin anticoagulant
Clindamycin antibiotic
Macrobid antibiotic
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