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Literary Genres

To use with 3rd grade after genre study

Realistic Fiction Stories with characters who take part in events that could really happen.
Historical Fiction Made up stories set in the past with characters who take part in actual historical events.
Fantasy Stories set in make-believe worlds, often with non-human characters.
Science Fiction Fictional stories based on scientific fact often set in the far past or far future and may include time travel or mad scientists.
Adventure Exciting stories that include an element of threat, peril, or danger.
Mystery Stories that include an element of suspense and secrecy. Something puzzling usually needs solving and a crime is frequently involved.
Nonfiction Books about real people, places and things. Includes biographies and autobiographies.
Folklore Made up stories that might teach a lesson, explain nature or pass on customs or traditions. Generally shared orally.
Poetry Stories told using structured lines and stanzas. Sometimes rhyme and have rhythm.
Biography A story written about a person's life written by another person.
Autobiography A story written about a person's life written by that person.
Created by: sdarveaux
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