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Image Production

Unit 2: Equipment Operation, Quality control, and Image Aquisition

As image matrix size increases pixel size __________. decreases
Factors that can impact image resolution _______. Patient factors, focal spot size, and SID
Which of the following will have the greatest exposure factors? A: 100 mA, 50 ms B: 200 mA, 40ms C:400 mA, 70ms D: 600 mA, 30ms C
How much does technique need to go up for a wet plaster cast? 8-10kv increase
How much does technique need to go up for a dry plaster cast? 5-7kv increase
How much technique need to go up for a fiberglass? 3-4 kv increase
What type of relationship does spatial resolutions have with OID? Indirect relationship
What type of relationship does contrast have with grid ratio? Direct relationship
What type of relationship does the receptor exposure have with kvp? Direct relationship
On the image intensifier, what material is the input phosphor made of? CsI Cesium iodide
On the image intensifier, what material is the output phosphor made of? Zinc cadmium sulfide
How to decrease magnification (without mag mode button) in fluoroscopy? Bring image intensifier as close as possible to patient
Grids are a safety mechanism True/false False: Grids are NOT a safety mechanism, only used for image clean-up.
What is a back-up timer, that is used for AEC? It is a safety mechanism used for AEC and is set to no more than 150% of the exposure
Which interaction of radiation production has incoming electrons slow around nucleus in the target atom and has a loss of kinetic energy? Bremsstrahlung
Which interaction of radiation production has incoming electrons interact with the inner shell electron in the target atom? Characteristic
The numeric value that represents the amount of exposure the image receptor received Exposure indicator
EI is ______ proportional to exposure of the image receptor. Directly
S-number is _________ proportional to exposure of the image receptor. Inversely
The ability of a digital system to display changes in greyscale values contrast resolution
The ability of a digital system to record adjacent small structures spatial resolution
Stored histogram values of selected exams, used in rescaling. LUT; Look up table
Recognized area within collimated field Volume of interest; VOI
In post processing, It is ok to use the electronic mask/cropping FALSE; was meant to shield viewers eyes not represent false collimation
In post processing, the computer uses grid lines to crop and align multiple images into one Stitching
The ability to detect differential intensity to the ambient noise level. SNR CNR
Located between the xray table and IR Ionization chambers for AEC
Located beneath IR Photo timer
Image receptor that is made of europium-activated barium fluorohalide mixed with a binder substance PSP image receptor
Image receptor that is made of (depending on the type) amorphour selerium, amorphous silicon (CSI or gadolinium oxysulphide) TFT image receptor
Image receptor made that is made of scintillator, fiber optics, capacitors, and amplifiers CCD/CMOS
As detective quantum efficiency goes _____ patient dose goes _____. increases; decreases
What would misalignment of the tube-part-IR relationship be? Shape distortion
Consistency in x-ray tube output Reconstruction
As digital DEL decreases Spatial resolution increases
Factors that affect histogram appearance: beam restrictions, centering errors, incorrect SID
Image receptor spatial resolution in direct digital systems is ___________. Fixed and inversely related to TFT DEL size.
A decrease in SNR can be the result of Incorrect part selection and grid cutoff
True/False: The advantages for beam restriction that it eliminates shielding requirement. FALSE; It irradiation of less biologic material and production of less scattered radiation.
Focal spot size impacts the visibility of the anode heel effect. Tre/False FALSE; Only SID and IR size
What are 3 things that would help reduce the effect of scattered radiation on an image? Collimators, grids, and Compression band ( reduce effect of excessive tissue fat)
Which part of the induction motor is located outside the x-ray tube glass envelope? Stator
True/false Focal spot blur is greatest toward the anode end. FALSE: toward the cathode end
What is tested in radiology in a quality assurance program? Beam alignment, reproducibility, and linearity
Which interaction of radiation is responsible for producing the most x-ray photons at the x-ray tube target? Bremsstahlung
What does HVL stand for? Half value layers
Higher the HVL _________. more penetrating the beam.
True/ False: A high ratio grid will allows more centering latitude. FALSE: Absorbs more scattered radiation and more of the primary beam.
Voxel is associated with ___________. field of view
Pixel is associated with ___________. how much of the part is included in the matrix
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