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Business Letters

Formatting Business Letters

Letter style is determined by a number of factors such as: *paper quality, weight, color *letterhead and logo design *ink colors used in printing *style &size of type used for the body of the letter *format
format refers to how the letter parts are arranged on the page.
3 standard formats dominate business letter style 1) block format 2) modified-block format 3)modified-block format with indented paragraphs
2 special types of business letters 1) social-business format 2)personal-business format
Letter is divided into 4 section 1) the heading 2) the opening 3)the body 4)the closing
The Heading consist of letter head and date line
letterhead the company's printed name and address. Where the company put their logo.
date line where the date is(month, day, and year)
The Opening consist of inside address and salutation
inside address the name and address of the person to whom you are writing
salutation an opening greeting
The Body consist of subject line and message
subject line indicates what the letter is about
message the text of th eletter; paragraphs are typed single-spaced
The Closing consist of complimentary closing, company signature, writer's identification, reference initials, enclosure notation, and copy notation
complimentary closing a parting phrase
company signature emphasizes that the writer is acting on behalf of the company
writer's indentification the signer's name or title or both
reference initials the initials of the writer and/or typist
enclosure notation a reminder that the letter has an enclosure
copy notation the names of those who will receive copies of this letter
Where is the attention line typed? below the inside address and above the salutation
What is the most important section of a letter? the body - the message
When is the term "In re:" or "Re:" be used in place of "Subject"? In legal correspondence or when referring to policy or project numbers
How many paragraphs should the message be? at least 2
Formal complimentary closings: (Yours very truly,)(Very truly yours,)(Very sincerely yours,)(Very cordially yours,)(Respectfully yours,)
Informal complimentary closings: (Sincerely,)(Cordially,)(Sincerely yours,)(Cordially yours,)(Best regards,)
Blind copy notation means that the notation does not apear on the original. Key bc or bcc -- but only on copies
PS Stands for postscript, add it after the last line in the letter.
Block Format letters in which all the parts begin at the left margin. No tabbing require
Modified-Block Format the date line, the complimentary closing, and the writer's indentification start at the horizontal center of the page.
Modified-Block Format With Indented Paragraphs Looks the same as the Modified-Block Format except that the first line of each paragraph is indented.
Social-Business Format 1)Inside address is at the bottom of the letter, on the sixth line below the last line 2)use a comma in the salutation 3)use an informatl complimentary closing 4)Omit all notations
Personal Business Format 1)3-line heading a) street address b)city, state, ZIP Code 3)the date. Use modfied block letters
Margins that are preset on word processing softwares 1 inch left and right, 8.5 by 11 inch
Continuation pages 1) side margins - same as the first page 2) tope and bottom margins - leave 1-inch top and bottom margins 3) continuation-page heading - name of addressee, the page number, the date at the top of each continuation
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