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Pharmacology CH2

Pruitis itching sensation
Bioavailability the degree to which a drug or other substance becomes available to the target tissue (site of action) after administration
Local Effect an action of a drug that us confined to a specific part of the body
Lipid a fatty molecule, an important constituent of cell membranes
Receptor like a lock, only responds to a very specific "key"; when activated it triggers release of neurotransmitters or hormones
Agonist stimulates a receptor
Dependence a state in which a person's body has adapted physiologically and psychologically to a drug and cannot function without it
Systemic Effect an action of a drug that has a generalize, all-inclusive effect on the body
Inhibition the process whereby a drug blocks enzyme activity and impairs the metabolism of another drug
Elimination metabolism + excretion
Induction the strength by which a particular chemical messenger binds to its receptor site on a cell
Anaphylactic Shock a severe allergic response resulting in immediate, life-threatening respiratory distress, usually followed by vascular collapse and shock and accompanied by hives
Maintenance Dose amount of a drug administered at regular intervals to keep the blood concentration at a therapeutic level
Prophylactic used to prevent infection or disease
Therapeutic Range the optimum dosage, providing the best chance for successful therapy
Loading Dose dose of medication given initially to reach a therapeutic blood level range quickly
Distribution once in the bloodstream, how the drug gets to its site-of-action
Anatgonist blocks stimulation of a receptor
Metabolism occurs primarily in the liver; the breaking down of a drug into inactive or smaller molecules
Affinity process of increasing concentration or activity of enzymes that effect the pharmacologic response to another drug
First-Pass Effect all orally taken medications must undergo this process before entering circulation; the extent to which a drug is metabolized by the liver before reaching systemic circulation
Half-Life the amount of time to dissolve in body fluids
Solubility a drug's ability to dissolve in body fluids
Interaction a change in the action of a drug caused by another drug, a food or another substance such as alcohol or nicotine
Antigen a specific molecule that stimulates an immune response
Absorption the process whereby a drug gets into the bloodstream
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