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Chapter 1 Pharm Tech

History of Pharmacy

The Father Of Medicine Hippocrates
The Father of Botany Theophrastus
Father of Toxicology Mithridates VI
The Father of American Pharmacy William Procter Jr
The Father of Modern Genetics Gregor Mendel
America's First Pharmacist Jonathan Roberts
America's 1st Female Pharmacist Elizabeth Marshall
America's first College of Pharmacy Philadelphia College of Pharmacy
America's First Apothecary General Andrew Craigie
The 1st Pharmacopoeia Nuovo receptario
Egyptian God of Medicine Imhotep
Shen Nung Pen Tsao The 1st official Chinese Pharmacopeia
Aesulapius The Greek God of medicine
Dioscorides Wrote De Materia Medica
Charaka Wrote The Charaka Samhita, the 1st great book of Indian medicine
Papyrus Ebers The most complete record of ancient Egyptian Medicine and pharmacology
Rhazes Author of The Book of Medicine dedicated to Mansur
Paracelsus Addictive Drug laudanum
Avicenna Greatest Islamic Physician
King Mithridates Developed a potion called Mithridaticum
First book of Standards to achieve acceptance by an entire nation The USP
The first Anglo-Saxon Organization for Pharmacists
A Pharmacist and physician who supported the use of written prescription John Morgan
Considered the most frightening public health epidemic in the postwar era in America Poliio
He discovered Polio by accident Alexander Fleming
Ancient Greek word :pharmakon" means... Drug
It is referred to as the cradle of civilization and provides the earliest known record of apothecary practice Babylon
Gathered herbs in the wild or raised them in their own gardens and prepared them according to the art of the apothecary top aid the sick and injured Monks
Separated the practice of pharmacy and Medicine King Fredrick II
America;s 1st Hospital was founded by Ben Franklin
First Hospital founded in 1751 in Philidelphia
The German Pharmacist who extracted morphine from opium Frederich Serturner
Developed an oral polio vaccine in 1957 using weakned live virus Albert Sabin
Viennese Surgeon who discovered that cocaine the active ingriendent in coca leaves, was useful as a local anesthic in eye surgery and cocaine became established as the first local anesthetics Carol Koller
In 1846 the first publicized operation in Boston was performed using Ether, 1st general anesthesia
1st drug to be used successfully in treatment of malaria Quinine
Marketed as the 1st preventative HPV vaccine and 1st to target a cause of Cancer Gardasil
1st drug approved by FDA for Aids Treatment AZT
Civilization provides the earliest known record of apothecary practice Ancient Mesopotamia
gathers and preparers of drugs similar to modern day pharmacy techs Echelons
Ancient Collection of 800 Prescriptions, mentioning more than 700 unique drugs Papyrus Ebers
It was considered as the precursor to all modern Pharmacopeias and the principal historical reference on the medicines used by Greeks romans and other cultures of antiquity De Materia Medica
A completion and listing of pharmaceutical products that also contains their formulas and methods of preparation Pharmacopoeia
1st Female Pharmacist Elizabeth Marshall
Americas 1st Hospital Pharmacist Jonathan Roberts
In the early and mid 1900s Pharmacy technicians were referred to as Aides, Clerks, and pharmacy support personnel
The year when ASHP created the Standards of Accreditation of Pharmacy Tech Training Programs 1982
Created a technical assistance bulletin on outcome competencies and training for Institutional Pharmacy Technician Training Programs American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP)
Organization that established to autonomously set standards for pharmacy education ACPE
Marked major milestone in the evolution of pharmacy techs by establishing a training program for "pharmacy specialists" in the mid 1940s US Army
a substance that harms or kills microorganisms like bacteria and fungi Antibiotic
A substance that acts against a toxin in the body Antitoxin
information that is entered into and stored in a computer system Data
Chemicals produced by the body that regulate body functions and processes Hormones
The complete set of genetic material contained in a human cell Human genome
generally pharmacology, but also refers tot eh drugs in use Materia Medica
a cure all Panacea
of or about drugs also a drug product Phamaceutics
the study of drugs
combining simpler chemicals into more complex ones, creating a new chemical not found in nature Synthetic
The ancient Greek goddess of Medicinal Herbs Panacea
Asprin is made from salicylic acid from the bark of White willow tree
Pharmaceutical manufacturing industry devoted this amount of time to income to research and development 1/6
Protects against illegal copying of new discoveries Patenting
Monitors a drug for ant adverse effects FDA
Time for FDA to approve a drug 10 years
showed that heat can be used to kill micro organisms associated with food sppoilage Pasteur
The area of greatest employment for pharmacists Community Pharmacies
To become a pharmacist in US an individual must graduate from an accredited college of pharmacy, pass a state licensing exam, and preform experiential training working under a licensed pharmacists
Medicare Modernization Act (MMA) expanded the role of the pharmacist to include MTM Services
The 1st publicized operation using general anesthesia was performed using Ether
Created hormone Progesterone Russel MARKER
1ST Official Pharmacopoeia Italy
Identified the structure of DNA Watson and Crick
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