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Lauren Topic 2-Kuehn

Domed houses made from blocks of snow igloo
A ceremony in which a high-ranking family had a feast and give gifts to their guests potlatch
Portable cone-shaped homes tepee
A home formed by bending the trunks of young trees and tying them together to make a round frame and then covered with bark or reed mats. wigwam
A home formed by bending the trunks of young trees and tying them together to make a rectangular frame. Home to several branches of a family. longhouse
Objects people make, such as tools, pottery, or jewelry artifacts
A long period of extremely dry weather drought
Clan leaders hoyaneh
A group of five Iroquois nations formed to end fighting Iroquois League
A biome found in the subarctic region of evergreen forests stretching from Alaska's west coast to Canada's east coast taiga
The movement of people from one place to another migration
Migration into a country immigration
A good shipped out of a country export
A good shipped into a country import
The money people make through work or investments income
The interconnection of producers, consumers, and financial systems around the world globalization
The business practice of moving a company out of its home country to one with lower wages or other operating costs offshoring
Created by: Mrs. Logan