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alternative medicine

Ch 30 complementary and alternative medicine - pharm tech

homeopath homeopathic physician
chiropractor practitioner of chiropractic medicine
chiropractic medicine manual manipulation of the joints and muscles
complementary medicine a range of medical therapies that fall beyond the scope of Western medicine; complementary to traditional medicine
alternative medicine any range of medical therapies not regarded as orthodox by Western medicine used in place of conventional medicine
NIH National Institutes of Health
NCCAM National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine
CAM can include dietary supplement therapy, herbal medicine, acupuncture, and homeopathy
natural products includes the use of herbs (herbal remedies), vitamins, minerals, and other natural products, such as probiotics
synthetic medicines a medication made in a laboratory from chemical processes
herbs and herbal supplements are considered dietary supplements and not regulated the same was as drugs
Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database a good resource for herbal product info
homeopathy means "like suffering"; belief that "like cures like"; law of similars; consuming a small amount of the substance that caused a person's disease or condition enables the body to fight the disease
homeopathic remedies only one remedy is correct for each illness
unlike herbs and other alternative treatments FDA overseas the manufacture of homeopathic drugs
Homepathic Pharmacopeia contains monographs on ingredients used in homeopathic medicine; standards for strength, quality, and purity
GMP all homeopathic ingredients must be manufactured using good manufacturing practices
this drug classification has unwanted interactions with many herbal drugs anticoagulants
examples of complementary and alternative medicine treatments acupressure, acupuncture, aromatherapy, chiropractic medicine, herbal remedies, traditional Chinese medicine, homeopathy, biofeedback, ayurveda
acupuncture based on the meridians in the body. These lines are believed to carry energy to specific parts of the body. When they become blocked, illness or pain can occur. The practitioner relieves blocked pathways with the use of needles
ayurveda based on the spiritual side of the body and all that affects the body, including the environment, emotional stability, and physical health i.e. meditations, posture, massage
traditional Chinese medicine based on the ying and yang; diagnosis based on the person's dreams, taste, sensations, smell, and other senses; herbal remedies and acupuncture are treatments used
herbal remedies are a common component of complementary medicine; herbal therapies can be found in pharmacies and health food stores
acupressure same principles as acupuncture but the practitioner uses his or her hands to apply pressure on specific points of the body instead of needles
aromatherapy through the sense of smell, various blends of fragrances result in the relief of certain ailments; aromatic herbs, perfumes, oils
biofeedback a learned technique that enables self-control of various physiological responses of the body including voluntary and involuntary systems of the body
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