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Memory Plasticity

For testing

What were the research questions (Ericcson, Chase & Faloon, 1980) Was the limit for memory experts only? Were skills a result of extensive practice or exceptional ability?
kParticipants 1 male UG student
Task Random digits @ 1/sec THEN recall the sequence
Task Variability / sequence Increased by one digit if correct or decreased by one if incorrect
Strategy employed by participant 1 Mnemonics, running times and significant event years or dates
Strategy employed by participant 2 Coded first 6 digits and held last 4-6 digits in rehearsal buffer
Strategy employed by participant 3 Supergroups - used segmentation (chunking)
Historically linked research Luria's 'S' Hunt & Loves 'V.P'
Results Up to 80 digits after 20 months
Results on cognition: Speech patterns = 3digit/sec with pauses of 2 seconds
Conclusion 1 / findings If a supergroup didnt work out then it could take up to 10 seconds to re-align memory
Conculsion 2 / findings Numbers difficult to asociate with mnemonic model performance dropped to almost beginning levels
Conclusion 3 / findings No transfer effect, appears to be all about the menemonics, consonants didnt work and return to again beginning performance
Created by: robhargreaves