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Test Concepts

Concepts from McGraw and Correctec

Which distortion occurs when the beam is not perpendicular to the anatomy? Elongation: part is longer than the actual length. Beam or IR is not aligned to anatomy.
A dose of 100 mGy can cause: Cancer: it is non threshold.
Ionization of macro-molecules within the body result in: A. lethal damage that is repairable B. mutations to the DNA C. Non-lethal damage that is repairable Non-lethal damage that is repairable: this occurs with majority of interactions.
Short-term effects of radiation are: 1. probabilistic 2. deterministic 3. stochastic 4. threshold 2 and 4: they require a threshold and are deterministic
Nitroglycerin administration sublingual
Which of the following is NOT a reliable method for taking someone's temperature? A. orally B. rectally C. forehead D. axilla on the forehead.
Digoxin treats what? heart failure: delivered orally
What is a track from a deep structure to the skin called? sinus
Adrenaline synonym epinephrine
When selecting a site for venipuncture, you should select one that is the most _____ site in which the desired needle can be accommodated. distal: allows for more access in the future
Aminophylline treats: asthma
Medication reconciliation definition reviewing the medication a patient is taking and determining if there are any concerns for administering contrast media
A sialogram uses what kind of contrast? Oil-based iodinated contrast
If a patient has high blood pressure, what will their pulse rate be? slow
What kind of drug is heparin? Anticoagulant
What is the flow rate for a drip infusion? 10-20 drops per minute
Which of the following are types of electromagnetic radiation? 1. alpha 2. beta 3. gamma only gamma: alpha and beta are considered particulate radiation because they have mass
Convert 68 degrees fahrenheit to celcius 20 degrees: 5/9(F-32)
What fraction is the same as 10 tot he -3 power? 1/1000
What must be applied in order to set a resting body in motion? force
What formula states Newton's second law? F=ma
What is a semi-conductor? a device that only allows current to flow in only one direction
How many centimeters are in an inch? 2.54
Put these in order from shortest to longest wavelength: visible light, radar, x-ray and UV x-ray, UV, visible light and radar
What interaction occurs with energies over 100 keV? compton effect
Definiation of power the rate work is done
Ionization results from which of the following interactions of radiation with tissue? A. characteristic B. bremstrahlung C. photoelectric D. coherent photoelectric. Coherent scatter raises the electron to a higher energy but does not remove an electron. Characteristic and brems occur in production, not in tissue
In diagnostic range, what is the wavelength range of x-rays? .1 to .5 angstroms
What unit of measurement refers to the amount of ionizing radiation energy transferred by any type of radiation to any target material? gray
What is the unit of exposure dose of gamma or x-rays? coulomb per kilogram. Exposure refers to 'being subjected to radiation'
prefix for one million mega
Why do x-rays cause ionization, but infared and microwaves don't, even though they're magnetic radiation? They do not have enough energy to remove an electron
Which of the following are possible long-term somatic effects of ionizing radiation? 1. life-span shortening 2. malignant neoplasm 3. blood deficiencies all of the above. they would not show up for several years.
What stage of cell division is the most sensitive? metaphase
What is the unit for biological dose? RBE: compares the test dose to a dose of 250 keV x-rays that produce the same response
The dose at the table during fluoro cannot exceed 100 mGy per minute
0.5 mm lead gonadal shield reduces female exposure by what percent? 75%
Automatic exposure rate control is designed to compensate for: patient position: it changes the brightness and changes the technique for these changes in anatomy to it is easy to view.
In the incidence of a trauma to a hip, who should manipulate the extremity, if at all? physician: include visual of the pelvis as well
Use factor definition the % of time the primary beam is directed toward a wall
workload definition the number of exposures made per week
Occupancy factor definition reflection of who occupies particular areas (radiation workers or non-radiation workers)
What are the structures in the scotty dog that represented by the: 1. body 2. ear 3. nose 4. eye 5. front feet 1. lamina 2. superior articular process 3. transverse process 4. pedicle 5. inferior articular process
What does a motor do? converts electrical energy to mechanical energy
Which of the following would be useful for an examination of a patient suffering from Parkinson's disease? 1. short exposure time 2. high grid ratio 3. compensating filter only short exposure time
What structures are involved in a blowout fracture? orbital floor and the inferior rectus muscle
When referring to a whole body dose, which of the following is not included? hands and feet: it only refers to vital organs
What % of the primary beam reaches someone standing 1 meter away? 0.1 %
what is one of the biggest advantages of CR? the dynamic range, or latitude.
Retrograde urography introduces contrast where? It requires ureteral catheterization so ti can be introduced into the pelvicalyceal system.
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