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Ch 36 Review

Vocabulary, Learning Objectives, & Reviews

angina acute pain in the chest resulting from decreased blood supply to the heart muscle
buccal space in the mouth between the gum and the cheek in either the upper of lower jaw
prophylaxis prevention
pulmonary arterial hypertension high blood pressure in the pulmonary artery (heart to lungs), which can result in heart failure (HF) if not treated
sublingual under the tongue
topical pertaining to a substance applied directly to the skin by patch, ointment, gel or other formulation
transdermal system drug delivery system by which the drug is applied to and absorbed through the skin
The nitrates for anginal pain are used to dilate which of the following: A. Cerebral arteries B. Coronary arteries C. Peripheral veins D. Coronary veins B - Coronary arteries
Which class of drug is used for prevention of anginal pain? A. Calcium channel blockers B. Nitrates C. Beta-adrenergics D. Phosphodiesterase inhibitors A - Calcium channel blockers
When administrating the nitrates for angina, the nurse monitors the client for which common adverse reaction? A. Hyperglycemia B. Headache C. Fever D. Anorexia B - Headache
When teaching a client about prescribed sublingual nitroglycerin, the nurse informs the client that if pain is not relieved, the dose can be repeated in _____ minutes(s). A. 1 B. 5 C. 15 D. 30 B - 5 minutes
When administrating nitroglycerin ointment, the nurse _____. A. rubs the ointment into the skin B. applies the ointment every hour or until the angina is relieved C. applies the ointment to a clean, dry area D. rubs the ointment between his/her palms C- applies the ointment to a clean, dry area
A client taking a CCB experiences orthostatic hypotension. The nurse instructs the client to: A. remain in a supine position until the effects subside B. make position changes slowly C. increase the dosage D. disc the CCB B - make position changes slowly
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