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IT: Senses, Movement

Senses & Movement: From Mastering Italian Vocabulary

l'occhio eye
vedere to see
gli occhiali eyeglasses
la vista sight, vision
il naso nose
sentire to smell
l'orecchio ear
sentire to hear
il gusto taste
cieco/a blind
muto/a mute
il gesto gesture; sign
lo sguardo look, glance
gettare to throw; to cast
l'intesa agreement, understanding
scambiarsi exchange
l'udito Gustavo ha l'udito debole. (sense of) hearing Gustavo has poor hearing.
sordo/a deaf
il tatto (sense of) touch
muovere to move
il movimento movement
andare to go, walk, move
correre to run, race
alzare to lift, raise
alzarsi to get up, rise; to stand up
sedersi to sit down; to take a seat
girare to turn
salire to go up, to climb; to get into
scendere to descend; to get out
venire come
cadere to fall
la caduta fall
muoversi to move, budge
immobile immobile, still
mobile mobile, movable
camminare to walk
il passo step
saltare to jump, leap
agitare to agitate, shake
scuotere Il padre scosse la testa. to shake Father shook his head.
stringere Stringere la mano. to press; to squeeze Shake hands.
afferrare to grasp, to catch
la stretta Ci siamo saluatati con una stretta di mano. pressure; clasp We greeted each other with a handshake.
sollevare to lift, raise
tendere la mano to hold out one's hand; to give a helping hand
porgere to hand; to offer; to give
girarsi to turn around
di scatto suddenly, abruptly
Created by: PilarDLS