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Chapter 19 Geo

Ghetto A section of a city in which a particular minority group is forced to live. Severe ghetto laws led many of the Jews to emigrate.
Holocaust The execution of 6 million Jew in Nazi concentration camps during World War II. The Holocaust Museum shows visitors a heart wrenching view of what Jews went through during World War Two.
Velvet Revolution A revolution without bloodshed, which took place in Czechoslovakia during the late 1980's. That was in April 1990, just five months after Czechoslovakia's velvet revolution.
Privatization The process of selling government-owned industries and business to private owners. We can tell others about the negative effects of the privatization of water in the UK
Collective Farm A government-owned farm managed by workers who share the profits from their produce. These collective farms were largely responsible for the expansion of peanut cultivation.
Balkanize To break up into small, mutually hostile political units, as occurred in the Balkans after World War I. These communities want to Balkanize and take their tax base with them
Entrepreneur A go-getter individual who starts and builds a business. Shahs broad background includes 16 years as a venture investor, business and technology executive, and entrepreneur.
Multiplier Effect Refers to the increase in final income arising from any new injection of spending. The overall color of the clothes a good deal, you can add to a multiplier effect.
Annex Append or add as an extra or subordinate part, especially to a document. Hewett, British consul, arrived with a mission to annex the country to Great Britain.
National Identity A people's sense of what makes them a nation. The bells are much more part of their national identity than ours.
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