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Hydraulics Terms

Liquid in a Hydraulic system, Gas or air in a Pneumatic system What does a fluid power system use as the medium through which to transmit force from one part of the system to the other?
Blaise Pascal Who first formulated that 'a change in pressure at any point in an enclosed fluid at rest is transmitted undiminished to all points in the fluid'?
Pressure Pascal's can be used as a unit of measurement for __________?
Pressure _____________ is force per unit of area.
The larger piston In a simple enclosed hydraulic system with pistons of different surface area, which requires the most force to move it?
Multiplied If force is applied to the smaller piston, the force will be ____________ at the larger piston?
Liquid Hydraulic systems allow force to be transmitted by the use of_________.
Incompressible Liquids are mostly ________________.
PSI Pressure is measured in __________.
Force Divided by Area When pressure is unknown, it is calculated as _____________.
Pressure Times Area When force is unknown, it is calculated as _______________.
Hydraulic Pump The ________________ is used to force the fluid from the reservoir to rest of the hydraulic circuit by converting mechanical energy into hydraulic energy.
The extension speed stays the same What happens to the extension speed of a cylinder rod when the rod diameter decreases, the pressure increases, but the flow rate to the cylinder stays the same?
Synchronized Two cylinders that work together in unison are said to be _____________________.
The Rate At Which Work Is Done. Power is __________________________________.
Using a cylinder of greater size without changing the flow rate to the cylinder Two ways to decrease the speed at which a cylinder rod extends or retracts are by using a flow control valve to decrease the flow rate into the cylinder and by __________.
Work What is the motion of a load through a distance that results in something useful being done?
Limit It is necessary to have a pressure relief valve in order to _________________ the maximum system pressure and working forces.
Reservoir In a hydraulic circuit, the ________________ holds the oil.
Small Hydraulic power requires a ______________ amount of energy to control and transmit tremendous power.
Filters ____________ are used to remove any foreign particles so as keep the fluid system clean and efficient, as well as avoid damage to the actuator and valves.
Pressure The _____________port on the power unit provides oil under pressure to the circuit.
Confined Hydraulic pressure created on a ___________ liquid generates forces that can lift heavy loads
Decrease Using a cylinder of greater size without changing the flow rate to the cylinder will ______________ the speed of the cylinder.
Liquid Hydraulics uses _______________ to transmit power.
Hydraulics Automobile brake systems use ______________________.
Power Input Device The pump that provides hydraulic power to the system. The pump draws oil from the reservoir and pumps it into the supply line. This component is called the _______________.
Control Devices ____________________ are valves that control direction, pressure, and flow rate of the pressurized oil in the hydraulic system.
Power Output Device Hydraulic power is converted back into mechanical power at the ______________________.
Conductors __________________ transmit the liquid in a hydraulic system.
Mineral Oil Hydraulic fluid is typically _____________________.
Directional Control Valve What does D.C.V stand for?
Hydraulic Jack
Force Pressure is a measure of _________________ intensity.
Pascals The units of pressure measurement used in the S.I. system are _________________.
Actuator The power output device of a hydraulic system is know as the ____________________.
Cylinders Actuators that produce straight line mechanical motion are called ______________________.
Motors Actuators that produce rotary motion are called ______________________.
Mechanical The actuator converts hydraulic energy into _______________________ energy.
Clockwise To increase the pressure setting of a relief valve, turn the adjustment knob _________________.
Minimum Power units are normally stopped and started with the relief valve set at the _________________ pressure.
Temperature The liquid level gauge often indicates the oil's __________________________ as well as its level.
Filter Pumps always have a(n) _______________________ attached to their suction lines to clean the oil.
Springs _______________ are used to hold the position of a 3
Double Action
Quick Connect A(n) __________________________ fitting is used whenever there is a need to frequently disconnect circuits.
Bourdon Tube A ___________________________ pressure gauge uses a curved tube to indicate pressure.
Tee Two branch circuits are connected with a _____________________.
Cross Three branch circuits are connected with a _____________________.
Positions, Ways A 3/4 DCV refers to the number of ______________ and ___________.
Hydraulics Vehicle lifts use which type of fluid power system?
Fluid injection injury Serious injury associated with pinhole leaks in hydraulic lines.
Power Unit Contains the pump that provides fluid flow through the system
Control devices Devices that control the fluid direction and flow throughout the system
Actuator Component that does work in a fluid power system
Liquid level gauge Indicates the oil level in the hydraulic reservoir
Suction line filter A filter that oil flows through before it goes into the pump
High viscosity Thick fluid viscosity
Schematic diagrams Identifies components and circuit design
True Pinhole leaks in a pressurized line can penetrate leather gloves
True Fluid injection injury requires immediate medical attention.
Pressure gauge Measures system pressures
Piston Part of a cylinder the oil exerts its pressure on
Quick connect fittings Allow easy disconnecting and connecting of hydraulic lines
Hydraulic motor Produces rotary motion
Fixed Displacement General displacement of hydraulic motors
True Preventive maintenance of a hydraulic system involves replacing oil filters
Needle valve Another name for a flow control valve
Vaporous cavitation Caused by water in a hydraulic system
Prime mover Electric motor or gasoline engine that turns the pump
Filler/breather Where oil is added to the reservoir
Power unit Prime mover, pump, and reservoir
Check valve Allows flow in only one direction
A and B DCV ports that the actuator is connected to
Pressure relief valve Limits the maximum system pressure and working forces
Flow Meter Device used to determine is fluid is flowing within a hydraulic system
Temperature Liquid level gauges sometimes indicate the oil
Gear on Gear pump Pump that contains two gears that turn in the opposite direction
Spring 3 position DCV is held in the middle position by a
Hydraulics Fluid power system that is used when rigidity is required
Force Area times pressure equals
Square footage Length times width equals
Cubic footage Length times width times height equals
Pressure Resistance of a hydraulic system to fluid flow causes
compression Expanding hoses can give the appearance of
4/3 DCV DCV with 4 fluid paths and 3 positions
Directional Control Valve DCV stands for
International Standards Organization ISO
National Fluid Power Association NFPA
American Society of Mechanical Engineers ASME
Newton SI Unit for Force
Pascal SI Unit for Pressure
Pound English unit for Force
PSI English unit for Pressure
Pounds per square inch PSI
14.7 PSIA Atmospheric Pressure
Pounds per square inch gauge PSIG
Pounds per square inch absolute PSIA
Cylinder and motor Two types of hydraulic actuators
Vacuum Pressure below zero on a pressure gauge
Created by: Mr. Davis
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