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pediatric and geriatrics

Which of the following defines the law that states every child with a disability is entitled to a free and public education? Individuals with Disabilities Education Act
Which of the following team approaches allow the therapists in each discipline to work independently of other disciplines? multidisciplinary
Which of the following team approaches is most commonly found in the pediatric setting and therapist from multiple disciplines work together in an effort to maximize the patient’s potential for success? Transdisciplinary
Which of the following would be considered the most important element for the physical therapist assistant when working with the pediatric population The PTA must be willing to constantly change the intervention to suite the needs of the patient
You notice a student struggling to make it from one class to another in the allotted time secondary to an injury. Which of the following laws would ensure that the student has additional time to ambulate without penalty from the instructor? Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act
A basic unit of movement utilized in motor control and present at birth is known as? Primitive reflex
As a PTA you are working in a school system and notice that a child is squirming in their chair, their clothes, specifically t shirts bother them, and . Which of the following reflexes may have not been integrated? Galant
As a PTA you are working with a 12 month old child. When you nudge the child, she immediately places her arm out to catch herself from falling. This is known as? Protective response
Which of the following domains of learning monitors large transitional sequences like sitting, rolling and head posture? Gross motor
Which of the following milestones assists with posture and alignment of the spine and occurs first in sequence? Prone
Which of the following principles addresses the theory, “ stability before mobility”? Stability is needed in the shoulder and pelvic girdle prior to limbs having control
Jamie is a 5 year old diagnosed with scoliosis. Which of the following is the BEST choice for a brace to minimize the progression of Jamie’s curved spine? TLSO
A PTA read an evaluation from her supervising PT. The evaluation indicated that an infant in the hospital presents with ankle dorsiflexion and valgus of hind-foot. Which of the following is the BEST term to describe the infant’s ankle-foot deformity? Calcaneovalgus
A disturbance of blood supply to the femoral head in a child creates which of the following pathologies? Legg Calve Perthes
A non-progressive neuromuscular disorder characterized by absent skin creases and multiple contractures is known as? Arthrogryposis
Children tend to have a thicker periosteum as compared to adults. How does this impact the overall healing process after an injury? There is a better blood supply resulting in a quicker healing process
Poor alignment of the acetabulum and the head of the femur in the developing hip is known as? Developmental dysplagia of the hip
what are the signs of shunt malfunction in a child with a neurologic or neuromuscular impairment? irritability and lethargy
Sensorimotor integration is a pediatric therapeutic intervention approach that: focuses on providing sensory input to help organize a child's motor output
If you are treating a patient that is having a clonic tonic seizure for more than 5 minutes and becomes unconscious, you should take all of the following steps? Dial 911 remove anything that the person could hurt themselves on place the patient in recovery position when seizure ends
What is the MOST common type of abnormal tone seen in children diagnosed with cerebral palsy? Spasticity or hypertonicity
A 5 year old boy is being observed while playing on the carpet. Upon standing, his mother noticed that he walks his hands up his thighs to rise to standing. What condition could this sign be indicative of? Duchenne Muscular dystrophy
A PTA is seeing a 6 month old patient with Down syndrome. Which of the following interventions would be appropriate? provide joint protection due to instability weight bearing to improve hypotonicity
A PTA is treating a 1 month old patient. The PTA places her finger in the palm of the baby's hand and it remains in an open position. What does this indicate to the PTA? The palmer grasp reflex is absent
A PTA was working in an outpatient clinic with an 18 y/o diagnosed with diabetes. The patient suddenly became dizzy and complained of hunger, impaired vision, and numbness in hands and feet. This is a sign of: hypoglycemia
A child has been seen for serial casting for the last 6 weeks. An important component to address the return of motor output is to integrate which therapeutic intervention? sensorimotor integration
a diagnosis of Muscular Dystrophy is often identified by the pattern in which they get off of the floor. Pushing off of their knees as a result of limited strength. This maneuver is known as: Gowers Maneuver
A generalized disorder of the endocrine system that produces increased secretions is known as? Cystic Fibrosis
A typical gait pattern for a Diplegic Cerebral Palsy child would include all of the following Poor disassociation between the trunk and the legs Rotation of the body during gait The Upper extremities are held in "high guard" position
A Patient has severe right torticollis which led to a pressure ulcer forming on the R ear from contact with the wheelchair. what would be the MOST appropriate course of action for the PTA Begin course of PROM with lateral flexion of the C spine to the left due to shortening of the SCM
As the PTA you are assessing the primitive reflexes of a 2 month old infant. The MOST appropriate stimulus to elicit and assess the startle reflex is to do which of the following? loud, sudden noise
Children with Downs Syndrome have an increased rate of developing which of the following conditions secondary to ligament laxity? Dysplasia of the hip
Development of head control in the prone position leads to: development of cervical lordosis
Evidence based practice has shown that a team approach works well in achieving outcomes in the pediatric setting. What is a key factor in the transdisciplinary team approach? Integrate all team members goals into treatment interventions
Full term babies are MOST often born in which of the following positions? Physiologic Flexion
Miguel is a 10 year old boy who speaks minimal English. What techniques should the PTA use to BEST communicate with him during physical therapy treatment? use simple sentences speaking at a normal but slightly slower pace
Occasionally during delivery, damage to the brachial plexus can occur. This results in which disorder? Erb's palsy
One of the domains of motor development is known as gross motor. This means that We would encourage using large groups of muscles to sit, stand, walk and run
Poor alignment of the acetabulum and the head of the femur in the developing hip is known as? Developmental dysplasia of the hip
Spina Bifida that results in Herniation of the spinal cord, nerves and meninges, is known as? Myleomengiocele
Susan brings her little girl to an outpatient clinic. She presents the PT with a prescription stating her child has a diagnosis of Torticollis. Which impairments or signs should the PT expect to see the patient exhibit? shortened splenius capitis, upper trapezius and weak contalateral SCM
The IFSP includes all of the following... information about family resources description of services required start date, duration and re-eval date
The most severe type of OI for children who survive past the neonatal period is? Type III
What federal law mandates that qualifying children with disabilities receive individualized educational services in the least restricted environment, free of charge and includes children from birth to 21 years of age? Individuals with Disabilities Education Act
What is the most significant benefit to proper positioning of a pediatric patient progression of developmental milestones
When working with children and as a valued team member, which of the following is the PTA's responsibility? To recognize a change in patient status
Which federal legislation mandates support services to pediatric patients with learning and physical problems? Individuals with disabilities education act
Which of the following identifies one of the clinical manifestation of a child suffering from Erb’s Palsy? Forearm pronation along with wrist flexion
Which of the following is MOST correct concerning the progression of motor development? Simple to Complex
Which of the following is the BEST strategy to motivate a 2-6 year old child during physical therapy? play
Which of the following may be difficult for a child whose asymmetrical tonic neck reflex persists? rolling
Which of the following reflexes is stimulated when you touch along either side of the spine resulting in a lateral bending? Galant
Which of the following statements is TRUE regarding the Individualized family support plan (IFSP) document? It contains current performance status, goals and outcomes for a child
Which of the following treatment techniques focuses on breaking down the task into steps and strongly focuses on handling and positioning techniques? NDT
You are working with a teenager that has had an insult to their brain that is limiting sensory input and motor skills. How might you as the therapist capitalize on the ability to compensate? use familiar tasks and past experiences to help in retraining
the PTA notices during therapy that the child is having difficulty catching himself when falling to the right side. Which of the following movement behaviors would be the BEST choice for the PTA to facilitate? parachute or protective reactions
which of the following would be an appropriate intervention for a 3-5 month old child? puppy propping and initiate reaching in prone
Fatty plaque that builds up in the lining of the vessels and restricts blood flow is Atherosclerosis
Which of the following refers to a heart attack? Myocardial Infarction
A drop in blood pressure secondary to a change in position is known as: Orthostatic Hypotension
When the heart fails to pump efficiently and creates fluid around the heart and lungs as well as in the lower extremities Congestive Heart Failure
An infection within the lungs that cause the air sacs to fill with pus is known as? Pneumonia
A rash that is stressed induced and formulates in a dermatome pattern is known as? Shingles
When a drug regimen includes one or more unnecessary medications? polypharmacy
The questionnaire utilized to identify a patient’s likelihood of developing a pressure sore is known as? Braden Scale
A disturbed state of mind that is brought on by fever of drug intoxication that results in delusions and restlessness? Delirium
Increased intraocular pressure in the eye is known as? Glaucoma
characteristics of Gait for geriatric patients decrease velocity decreased balance decrease arm swing in flexion forward posture
what is presbicusis? decreased to no hearing
what are some effects of presbiopia in geriatric population? cataracts- hazzy ,foggy eyes glaucoma- increased pressure in the eye macular degeneration- blinding blurry vision diabetic retinopathy
interventions for peripheral vascular disease ? elevation of legs, compression socks, compression wraps
what is a characteristic sign of peripheral vascualar disease? Varicose veins
what are some contraindications for peripheral arterial disease? no compression, no eleveation, now wrapping,
in geriatric population, what is most sensitive and likely to be the leading cause of orthostatic hypotension? decreased baroreceptor reflex.... (Their function is to sense pressure changes by responding to change in the tension of the arterial wall. The baroreflex mechanism is a fast response to changes in blood pressure.)
a back up of CSF is the leading cause to _______________ usually a sypmptom of what disorder that has lead to a malformation of the foamen magnum? Hydrocephalus, Arnold Chiari
what two structures are affected by Arnold Chiari? cerebellum and brainstem
what is the BEST intervention for Arthogryphosis? gentle ROM
what is the BEST intervention for children with Talipes Equinovaris? Serial casting and Immediate Sensory integration upon removal of cast
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