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unit 7 B19

aurthorize v. to approvoe or permit; to give power or authority to syn- order, entitle, empower ant- forbid, ban, prohibit I can authorize the project.
culprit n. a perso who has commited a crime or is guilty of some misconduct; an offender
dawdle v. to waste time; to be idle; to spend more time in something than is nessesary syn- delay, loiter, dillydally ant-hurry, hasten, speed up, bustle I dawdle on my homework.
dissect v. to cut apart inpreperation for scientfic study; to analze with great care syn- examine ant.- sew together, fuse, weld I can dissect a frog.
expend v. to pay out, spend; to use up syn- utilize, consume, disburse ant- save, hoard I expend our money and resources.
fatality n. an event causing death; an accidental death syn.- casualty, morality ant- injury there were 1400 falatities.
gullible adj. easily fooled, tricked, or cheated syn.- trusting, innocent, naive, credulousant.- susspicious, skeptical The dog is gullible.
illicit adj. not permitted, unlawful, improper syn- illegal, unauthorized, forbidden ant- legal, lawful, permissable, aboveboard I it illicit to go in there.
immerse v. to plunge or dip into a fluid; to involve deeply syn- duck, engross ant.- drege up, pull out Immerse the sponge in water.
inflammatory adj. causing exitement or anger; leading to violence or disorder syn.- provoking, incendiary, provocative ant- calming, soothing, lulling, quieting That was an inflammatory comment!
memorandum n. a note to aid the one's memory; an informal note or report (pl., memoradums OR memoranda) syn- reminder I gave out a memorandum about tommorow's class.
pathetic adj. marked by strong emotion, especially pity or sorrow; able to move people emotionally; worthy of pity; woeful syn- moving, distressing, pitiable, heartrending ant- funny, hilarious, frightening That was a pathetic performance.
persevere v. to keep doing something in spite of dificulties; to refuse to quit even when the going is tough syn- plug away, pursue, stick to it ant- give up, dispair, trowl in the towel, quit During the war, we must persvere.
prevaricate v. to lie, tell an untruth; to mislead on purpose syn- fib, strech the truth, equivocate ant- tell the truth I prevaricate a lot.(not true)
quash v. to crush, put down completely syn- suppress ant- start, kindle, ignite, encourage He quashed his opponent's spirits.
relish n. enjoyment or satisfaction; somthing that adds a pleasing flavor; v. to enjoy greatly syn- n. pleasure, gusto; v. take delight in ant- v. dislike, loathe, hate, dispise I relish the food relish.
reminisce v. to recall one's past thoughts, fellings, or experiences syn- remember, recollect Iat reconciliation, I should reminince on what I have done wrong.
scour v. to clean or polish, by hard rubbing; to examine with great care; to move about in search of syn- scrub, search, comb ant- dirty, soil I scoured my house in search of my shoes.
tribute n. something done or given to show thanks or respect; a payment syn- priase, honor, homage, recognition, commendation, glorifaction, money, tax, levy ant- blame, critism, reproach We gave tribute to the king.
writhe v. to make twisting or turning moovements in way that suggests pain or struggle syn- twist, squirm,thrash I writhe in pain because my ankle was sprained.
Created by: shootingace7
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