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RADT465 patient care

patient care flash cards

ASRT document that has a list of the roles for a radiologic technologist practice standards
radiographer who x-rays a patient without consent after a patient refused the exam battery or assault battery
x-raying a forearm when you have a hand order battery or assault assault
eye contact, listening, and personal appearance are examples of what nonverbal communication
what is sometimes harmful and capable of producing a disease pathogen
utensils, door knobs, IV poles, wheel chairs, and tables are examples of what fomite
insect or animal that is a carrier of infectious organisms vector
TB, varicella, and rubeola require this isolation airborne
Rubella, Mumps, and Influenza require this isolation droplet
mumps, MRSA, and cdiff require this isolation contact
any route of medication given other than orally parenteral administration
most common vein used for injection antecubital
what is the smallest gauge needle 12, 20, 24, 18 24
hypochlorite bleach (clorox) and lysol are what disinfectants
neonate normally describes what newborn
cathsrtics are used too stimulate defecation
term for nosocomial infection hospital acquired infection
normal adult respiration 12-20 per minute
normal oral adult temp 98.6
average adult pulse 60-100 per minute
normal adult blood pressure 120/80
average pulse rate for an infact 100-160
list the basic vital signs body temp, pulse rate, respiratory rate, arterial blood pressure
abnormal, acquired immune response allergy
life threatening systemic response that requires immediate attention by a code team anaphylactic reaction
nose bleed epistaxis
sensation the room is "spinning" vertigo
1. infectious organism/pathogen 1. reservoir of infection and environment 3. portal of exit from reservoir 4. means of transmission 5. susceptible host 6. portal of entry into a new host factors ininfection transmission
what is a private/civil injustice, reparation can be sought, and is either intentional or unintentional tort
what must be present for negligence to happen duty(what should have been done) breach (deviation from duty) injury sustained cause (as a result of breach)
the thing speaks for itself res ipsa loquitur
let the master answer respondeat superior
patient blank can be verbal, written, and implied consent
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